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    Vix RPG Maker MZ Resources (updated 11/13)

    Hello everyone! It's been a while since the last update, it seems time is getting this annoying habit of flying faster than before lately :stickytongue: Anyway, for today's update! Inside windows and curtains like, for example, these ones: And a variety of autotiles and...
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    Vix RPG Maker MZ Resources (updated 11/13)

    You’re very welcome! ^^ Much appreciated! ^^ Thanks for the feedback both of you, it's really encouraging! I'm not really used to share my stuff so some things might look weird or messy, hopefully I'll be able to get better in time :eswt: Now for today's update: Fireplaces, chandeliers...
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    Vix RPG Maker MZ Resources (updated 11/13)

    More roofs added! I somewhat felt that of this roof do not look that good together so I made 2 roofs out of them :stickytongue: (Full set added to the main post, just wanted to bump the post a bit xd)
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    Vix RPG Maker MZ Resources (updated 11/13)

    Hello everyone! I've never really been an active poster here but I've been around (lurking) for more than a year already. I think the community is pretty awesome, I've learnt so much from a lot of people, and I thought this is a good moment to contribute back since there aren't that many MZ...
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    Galv's Animated Menu Cursor

    Not sure if you figured this out or not (or if you care at all by now lol) but I'll just post this in case someone else has the same problem. I got that glitch when playtesting the game using Yanfly's grid free doodads (in my case at least, I noticed by turning all the plugins on and off one by...
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    Lupinus or similar flowers

    I guess that could be the case, I will keep trying to contact that person but they seem to have been inactive for quite a while. I'm a bit lost with resources really, I've only started my RPG Maker journey around a month ago, so every little piece of help and info is useful to me, thanks for...
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    Lupinus or similar flowers

    Oh my, I'm sorry about the bold, I've edited the post now, thanks for pointing that out! And yes, that's what I meant about the style! Now, sorry if the post turned out to be a bit awkward but I'm not really used to posting here, or in any forum for that matter haha As for the maps, I was...
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    Lupinus or similar flowers

    Hello everyone! I'm not really sure this request can be fulfilled but I'll just go ahead and try. I really want some lupinus flowers (or similar) for my project. This is how they look like: I really tried to make some myself but I failed miserably, so, if a kind soul feels like...

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