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Oct 6, 1989 (Age: 30)

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Talent Extraordinaire, Male, 30, from Canada


Oooh, the site looks so much prettier now. Sep 21, 2013

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Mar 13, 2017
    1. howaboutno
      I know you haven't been active here for a while! But I wanted to say that because of some scripts/plugins you've made I was able to create a game that I so dearly love. And for that I am so grateful for what you've shared with the community. So, thank you, and I do hope wherever you may be that you're happy and safe. ♥
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    2. thetanksehy
      Vlue I'm having a problem with the day and night cycle, I don't know how to make a certain event happen at an hour, i want a SE to play 10:00, 11:00, and 12:00, but it just keeps playing over and over and over, how can i only make it set to that hour, and not greater or lesser than? (VX Ace)
      1. Kes
        Please do not use Status Updates to ask Support questions. Post in the thread for the script or in RGSSx Script Support.
        Jul 26, 2017
    3. forteller
      Hi there i was wonder if you have thought about maybe making a version of your Weapon/Armor Randomization Ace Script in MV, if not i guess i'll start writing myself, and stop being lazy. That said that script was super awesome thxs.
    4. PTS
      Dear Vlue!

      Im use your plug for RPGMMV - GameTime.

      Little question about tint values ("You may edit the tint values, but you will have to open up the plugin in a text editor and edit the values in there.")

      How i can read this value: [-68,-68,0,68]?

      Its no HEX (like a #000000) and no CMYK percents, and no RGA additive...

      I am confused )))))))

      Best regards, PTS
    5. Sythian Bard
      Sythian Bard
      Sooo...there's a new Maker out...will there be any mind blowing plugins from Vlue? *clicks heels 3 times* There's no plugins like Vlue's!
      1. Sythian Bard
        Sythian Bard
        WAIT A SEC?!!! There already are???? Bye! *swoosh
        Nov 13, 2015
    6. Vlue
      Oooh, the site looks so much prettier now.
    7. Vlue
      Try NukaCola today!
    8. Vlue
      Regexp is fun!
    9. Vlue
      I am quite giddy with my most recent script submission.
      1. Knightmare
        Was that the mouse one?
        May 8, 2012
      2. Vlue
        May 8, 2012
      3. Knightmare
        What the!? It should be yessir not yess'm. I may have a small package but I'm still a dude!
        May 10, 2012
    10. Vlue
      Yay, forums are up again!
    11. Vlue
      Pizza for breakfast...
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      2. Thalzon
        Is it on a bagel? I'm told that pizza on a bagel can be eaten at any hour of the day.
        Apr 29, 2012
      3. Knightmare
        Pizza for breakfast = The best
        Apr 29, 2012
      4. TrogButtz
        Pizza for breakfast is the only breakfast worthy of the weekend!
        Apr 29, 2012
    12. Vlue
      Updated commish info with mroe map and script examples.
    13. Vlue
      I like to see people commenting on my script posts.
    14. Vlue
      Omnom Popcorn
    15. Vlue
      Don't look at my profile! (Reverse psychology)
      1. Confederacy
        Don't worry, I won't.
        Apr 26, 2012
    16. Vlue
      Super Banana
      1. Slazor
        Super Strawberry
        Apr 25, 2012
      2. Strawberrycat24
        you called slazor?
        Apr 25, 2012
    17. Vlue
      Fan Expo was still awesome!
    18. Vlue
      Fan Expo was awesome. Still one more day left in it too!
    19. Vlue
      It's nice to see seven of my scripts still on the first page, but sad to see not so many new scripts coming in then.
    20. Vlue
      Updated profile to include commission info. I wonder if anyone cares enough to actually get commissions...
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    Oct 6, 1989 (Age: 30)
    First Language:
    That's right people, I am official available for birthday parties and get togethers! Amaze your friends, astound your acquantinces, make jealous your arch enemies. 


    I do take commisions and requests, which one it turns out being depending on the amount of work involved! Never be afraid to ask though, I don't bite. I can be reached via PM or email (sumptuaryspade@live.ca) for more details or just as easily through facebook, Daimonious Tails


    I can do pretty much anything to a small degree, scripts, mapping, database work, animations, minor graphical tweaks. Examples available upon request, etcetera, etcetera, yadda yadda yadda. I also tend to space off and forget things often, so if you feel I'm ignoring you, then I probably am, but not on purpose! So unless I give you a specific deadline, keep hounding at me!


    So what does this guy do when he's not working on fancy scripts and requests for you all? You'll probably find me working away on one of my many actual RPGMaker projects that I never seem to finish, or even doing a bit of coding here and there for Android Apps. Screw you Apple and you're overpriced publishing fees. Or even occasionally working away at a part-time job. Though, most likely you will find me slacking away, playing video games. Mostly that. I do occasionally feel guilty playing so many games instead of working, but then I play more games and it eventually goes away.


    Fuzzy uncle raisin and four ferns in no ill trees yet.


    Steam ID: Vlue (surprised? I know)

    PSN: Tigerpelt

    Raptr: sumptuaryspade

    3DS Friend Code: 3454-0730-6275 (It's just Animal Crossing atm)


    Upcoming games to looks out for:

    Unnamed Project

    Unnamed Project 2

    Unnamed Project: The Awakening

    Unnamed Project HD Remix

    Games and computers



    Oooh, this parts bold and underlined! Must be important. It is! Honest. Almost there... Regarding use of my scripts in your project, as of now (whenever this is) any and all of my scripts are free for use in any project, commercial or non-commercial, with credit given, etc, etc. Though I dont' scoff at a donation.

    Ooh, what's under this one? Could it be a link to somewhere? Important information? Who knows! Only one way to find out... *nudge nudge*

    Okay, it's just a facebook page, but at least you aren't curious anymore, right? Right?

    Keep up to date why don't you: Daimonious Tails

    Do you have a completed project that utilizes one or more of my scripts? If so, I want to know! Please send me a pm or email with details, I'd love to try it~ :3

    Think any of my scripts need a demo to help understand? Let me know that too! I can whip something up.

    Check out my RGSS3 Scripts (A whopping 48 of them!) :

    Version/Build Number - Add a little piece of data to your title screen!

    Custom Filenames for SaveFiles - Spice up your Save02.rvdata2 files

    Critical Flash + Se - Make critical hits more interesting

    Basic Window Resizer - Change the size of your game window (it stretches)

    Actor Stat Window - No comment

    Restore/Set After Battle - What the title says with hp and mp

    Basic Real Time - System time in your game! Ooooh.

    Set Gaurd/Attack - Too lazy to explain, click the link.

    Proximity Events - Trigger other events based on player proximity!

    Eventing: Fine Tuning The freakin' best script ever. Just use it, okay?

    Basic Climate System - Random Weather!!

    Advanced Climate System - I uh, can't find the forum post for this one. So have the pastebin. I recommend Basic anyways.

    Basic Game Time - Time! In you game! With auto-tinting and junk.

    Advanced Game Time - A more advanceyer time thingy. Dates and more now!

    Animation Frame Rate - Animations by default play a frame every four frames. That's not nice. Change it up!

    Sleek Item Popup - Written so I don't have to write all those 'You got X' messages

    Special Keybinds - Set things to happen based on any key on your keyboard. Except that one, don't even think about it.

    Script Event Page Conditions - Take more control over what pages of an event are active! Go on, take it!

    Basic Enemy Hp Bars (and Lite) - Hp bars. Over the enemy. It's that simple.

    Basic Mouse System - *click clickity click click* ... *click*

    Weapon/Armor Randomization - Randomize the stats of an item as well as apply prefixes and suffixes.

    Enhanced Encounter Conditions - Random monster troops that only appear when a certain switch is on and more? Yup!

    Copy/Paste Map Data - Copy tiles and events from one map, and paste them on another! Whot??

    Multiple Map Layers - You too can now make a map sandwich

    Basic Options Menu - Turn down that fangled RPG music! It's too loud!

    Basic Message SE - Oh it's annoying all right, but dayum if it isn't neccessary

    Basic Autosave - Autosave after each map transfer, yay.

    Advanced Select Item - For those who want to select something that's not a Key Item

    Basic Damage Popup - Flying damage numbers for all!

    Basic Combos - Fire and Ice make Steam. Woot.

    Basic Recipe Crafting - Don't know where the forum post went. This script let's you craft stuff! Awesome!

    Advanced Recipe Crafting - It's like Basic Recipe Crafting, but with a ton more options. More then you need.

    Skill Features - Go passive skills, go!

    Hero Roster - A simple scene for displaying information on all known actors

    Trading Posts - Set up trading posts for players to sell and buy at random prices

    Appraisal Shop - Create items that identify into other items!

    Sleek Gauges - Fancy gauges that slide, fall, and what not.

    Interesting Stats and Formulas - Allow you to change how pretty much all stats work. Now Def can add Mhp!

    Steal Ability - Adds the option to set an skill to steal stuff! Even abilities.

    Extra Enemy Drops - Normally enemies can only drop 3 different kinds of items. Not anymore.

    Formation Bonus (and Actor Sprites) - Rearrange your heroes in formations and provide bonuses for certain ones!

    Pets and Summons - Now you too can summon pets into battle. Or dragons. I don't care which.

    Field Abilities - Push, pull, throw, jump, and more! (Not more actually, that was about it)

    Basic Quest System - Make you game like an MMO! Or have quests, either way.

    Animated Icons - What part of Animated Icons don't you understand?

    Popup Window - A window that will display whatever the heck you want it to. Fancy!