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  • I know you haven't been active here for a while! But I wanted to say that because of some scripts/plugins you've made I was able to create a game that I so dearly love. And for that I am so grateful for what you've shared with the community. So, thank you, and I do hope wherever you may be that you're happy and safe. ♥
    Vlue I'm having a problem with the day and night cycle, I don't know how to make a certain event happen at an hour, i want a SE to play 10:00, 11:00, and 12:00, but it just keeps playing over and over and over, how can i only make it set to that hour, and not greater or lesser than? (VX Ace)
    Please do not use Status Updates to ask Support questions. Post in the thread for the script or in RGSSx Script Support.
    Hi there i was wonder if you have thought about maybe making a version of your Weapon/Armor Randomization Ace Script in MV, if not i guess i'll start writing myself, and stop being lazy. That said that script was super awesome thxs.
    Dear Vlue!

    Im use your plug for RPGMMV - GameTime.

    Little question about tint values ("You may edit the tint values, but you will have to open up the plugin in a text editor and edit the values in there.")

    How i can read this value: [-68,-68,0,68]?

    Its no HEX (like a #000000) and no CMYK percents, and no RGA additive...

    I am confused )))))))

    Best regards, PTS
    Sooo...there's a new Maker out...will there be any mind blowing plugins from Vlue? *clicks heels 3 times* There's no plugins like Vlue's!
    Sythian Bard
    Sythian Bard
    WAIT A SEC?!!! There already are???? Bye! *swoosh
    I am quite giddy with my most recent script submission.
    Was that the mouse one?
    What the!? It should be yessir not yess'm. I may have a small package but I'm still a dude!
    Pizza for breakfast...
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    Is it on a bagel? I'm told that pizza on a bagel can be eaten at any hour of the day.
    Pizza for breakfast = The best
    Pizza for breakfast is the only breakfast worthy of the weekend!
    It's nice to see seven of my scripts still on the first page, but sad to see not so many new scripts coming in then.
    Updated profile to include commission info. I wonder if anyone cares enough to actually get commissions...
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I have some news that I want to share - I've been accepted to university ^-^
I received some offers just over a month ago, but I wanted to make my choice and get things in place before sharing the news.
I'm super excited, and I'm very happy with my choice of program and school.
Yesterday I went to get some new jeans for my new job... and discovered I'm a plus size. I'm planning on dieting so I can get back to where I was before 2020. I decided on a Japanese food diet because the recipes I can cook at home are both low-calorie and delicious.
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