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  1. RPG Maker Tile Resizer

    Fixed the broken link.
  2. Fuffydud's Stuff(ydud) (LOTS of Paintings)

    Thank you, you are amazing! :)
  3. RPG Maker Tile Resizer

    Thank you, sorry for this I didn't know there is a Useful development tools topics!
  4. Fuffydud's Stuff(ydud) (LOTS of Paintings)

    Awesome work! Could you please include The Starry Night?  :)
  5. RPG Maker Tile Resizer

    RPG Maker Tile Resizer v1.0.0 Introduction Hey everyone! This is not a plugin but a small JS script that scales all your 32pixel/tile images to 48px/tile scaled versions. Features If you use this fantastic plugin...

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