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    Quest syste plugin

    @unagiootoro Thank You!
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    Quest syste plugin

    thank you for making compatibility visustella plugin, it really help me a lot and maybe everyone. I''ll try it now. EDIT: can I use icon (inside red circle, look at screenshot below) on this quest system at menu list(I'm using visustella mainmenu plugin) if I can how to do that?
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    Animated Faces (MZ Version)

    Hi @lordvalinar, Thanks it work now, I can't make it working before it because I'm not change the name on my character (face) begin with "anim_" silly me :kaoswt2:. thanks once again, I really love this plugin.
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    Animated Faces (MZ Version)

    Hi, if you don't mind @lordvalinar can you provide sample game or demo for how to make this plugin work, because I don't know why I can't make it work. I already follow your instruction to make animated face first and plug the plugin. but it not working.
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    Quest syste plugin

    Yeah, I can make it work when I turn off visustella item equip core. and I love this plugin, it really help me for my little project.
  6. vorpal04

    Quest syste plugin

    Thanks, I'll try it now.
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    STV Plugins - CraftSystem

    First, thanks for provide this plugin, it really help me to make my project but I don't know why I can only craft weapon, if I try crafting item or armor it will give me an error. " type error cannot read property "name" undefined" for note: I have follow the instruction of your note tag, I...

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