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    (27) Lost and Found The Rampage of MechaHelloKittyZilla : Scene IV The fifth in an infrequent series involving this creature of lore. (WIP) Potential poster slogan: It Puts the "Hell" in "Hello"
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    (TOTALLY BIASED) Game Rundowns

    I want to sincerely thank you, not only for reviewing my first attempt at making a game, but also to commend you for the unbelievably formidable effort you put in to review almost 100 IGMC entries over the past several months -- an amazing feat! I also heartily recommend all to catch up on...
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    The Random GIF Thread

    Here's one I like :)
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    Take care of yourself, rest up, enjoy the anime and wishing you a speedy recovery!
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    Marvelous entries as we have now come to expect from the enigmatic hiddenone. :) @ 91 Answers "Wow... So that's what the lever does" ... you must use this line in your game too, priceless!
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    Baby Beholder & Beholder parenting -- wonderful inspiration! It begs the question, will there be a "Beholder Family" series, with additional members of the Beholder clan, that could be cool. :D
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    Awesome structure and tension in "Faith", that is a narrative cliffhanger! Very nice designs with Irregular Orbit & Gunshot my faves so far -- way cool! :)
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    Lol, I think you may be psychic -- because an entry or two on the kinder, gentler side of Mecha Kitty will soon be featured. One of the hold-ups is finding that "cushion" you mention in your post -- XXXXXXXXL cushions for monster kitties are hard to come by. :)
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    (38) Burning : Mecha Hello Kittyzilla (a.k.a. Mecha Maneki-Neko) bids a warm farewell to San Francisco, he knows he will retain many fond memories of his visit. Unfortunately Caesar is upset due to Mecha Kitty's destruction of the apes access to the mainland -- apes do not like to swim! :P...
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    Vox Populi's Vault of Miscellanea

    Thanks much for the encouraging words, I'm so glad you like some of my work.  :)   I'm in the process of planning a few more photo / video shoots with both TOLA, gamedev & personal themes in the works.  I want to put some new stuff out there plus working on a couple of new manips for TOLA's...
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    ^ Why this comment? Because unfortunately in the forums you cannot have just a blank status...

    ^ Why this comment? Because unfortunately in the forums you cannot have just a blank status update post feed. Thus I'm going to use this as the default quote whenever my profile feed (what is seen on member name mouseover) is out of date and I don't want to replace it with another. I should...
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    I like this Douglas Adams quote and with regards to my projects it is sometimes all too true: “I...

    I like this Douglas Adams quote and with regards to my projects it is sometimes all too true: “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” -- Douglas Adams (The Salmon of Doubt)
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    Vox Populi's Vault of Miscellanea

    Some filter manips in PS in an attempt to make an original photograph resemble an antiquarian book illustration. In the Niche of Time : Shobat Castle ruins, Jordan
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    Game & Map Screenshots 5

    @RaZzi Video looking good. Nice unique mapping environment, distinctive sprites -- shaping up nicely. @Earthian First set of maps ("Some screens are from the same map 2-4 are from one and 1&5 are from another"): Like those maps, well plotted, fluid, aesthetically pleasing. Second large...
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    Congratulations, you've discovered the top-secret troubleshooting fix for all application problems! There's also: -- kicking keyboard, monitor, pc tower/laptop -- punching keyboard, monitor, pc tower/laptop And, true story, a friend of mine recently was so upset with her Dell printer she...

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