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    RMMV A Broken Tale - Comedy Action Adventure (Voice-acted ABS game)

    There! :) I Hope that worked :) Found some older screenshots and tried to upload em!
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    RMMV A Broken Tale - Comedy Action Adventure (Voice-acted ABS game)

    Intro gameplay - We are making a game inspired by the 90's classics we grew up with as kids. Banjo, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Conker etc. Its a comedy action adventure game. We use ABS combat. The Game is 100% voice acted. All the art and music are custom made. Its a open world game, though you...
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    Game crashes when playing movie

    I have a simmilar problem. 20% ish of the times a movie is played the game completly freezez. It seems fairly random considering the events that play the movies are different and the movies are different lenghts and quality from one another. Any work arounds?
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    Altimit Pixel Movement [0.50β]

    Will this ever work with Mog Hunters chrono engine (ABS) ???? Amazing job man! I wish it would work for my game aswell :( But if I use it with the chrono engine is messes up the game. Keys won't work and you can use tools, weps and items.
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    Iv finished my ABS I just need one more idea....[RMMV]

    Keep it up man, I've seen your work. I like the Rabbit idea. also, for luck give the player more - Crit and better chance for Rare drops perhaps.
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    Anyone know of a working Action Battle System (ABS) plugin for RMMV?

    I saw a tutorial on how to create ABS plugins on the tube, for MV. You can search for it. :)
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    Alpha ABS Issue

    The plugin is still in Beta so sadly we just got to wait, unless you got the skills to fix it yourself. I'm using this in my game aswell, there are still a lot of bugs. I can name a few - you can still jump around during cutscenes / while talking to NPCs etc (this can mess up a lot) - if you...
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    Alpha ABS 1.2. (Pre Release)

    Hey, I noticed a problem :) During an event or cutscene or whatever, the actor is still able to use the "turn/jump" functions. You can really mess up the game if you are able to jump around during a cutscene xD haha. Amazing plugin man, just thought I should tell you :)   
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    Alpha ABS 1.2. (Pre Release)

    If I hit 2-3 keys at one time on the keyboard the game crashes. "cannot read property 'controlPanel' of null. I have seen other random crashes, I don't remember them off the bat though. Even though, nice work man!  Help if you can solve my issue :)  If not I'll just wait for more updates. It...
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    Orange Mapshot

    Hello, I've downloaded the plugin, when I add the plugin to the plugin folder it doesn't show up in RPG maker? Whats up with that?  NVM haha - fixed it 
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    Action Battle System Resources

    Oh my god!!!! :D   Will you please make a tutorial on this? I can't complete my game before I have the right action battle system. At the moment my ABS is too buggy and doesn't feel very "fun" for players who have tried my game. I need a system like this. I'm making a game with a deadline for...
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    Hey buddy. It can be done in an event for example your intro - for your game. "Change party member" - then remove the members you don't want to keep, and eventually add them back trough another event sometime later on in the game :)  
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    Quasi ABS

    Thanks a lot for the reply. Ever since I played Zelda for snes as a kid, also the gameboy games (even DS) I've wanted to make the same sort of game. You can be my way to finally be able to do this. Thank you so much! :)  I'm gonna keep my eyes open! 
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    Quasi ABS

    When will this be finished? Also, would it be too much to ask for, if you made a step by step tutorial on how to use and make your plugins function properly for more noob'ish designer like my self? I made a ABS for RPG maker MV, with only the use of 1 plugin. Its look really awkward, but it...

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