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    Yup! That did it! Thank you. Your work is spectacular!
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    Tpasmall's Editorium

    I'm fairly new at this. I love the sprites. The piano and pianist tile/spirte how do you get the animation to play? I tried an event, but I don't know how to select a 3x3 grid. Or, even know if it's possible. Lol.

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I can't stop buying resource packs I'll never use, or engines for that matter, or free resources as my two terabyte external will attest. I am a digital hoarder I guess. Some people get drunk off the silly juice when they are bored, I just buy shiny digital nonsense I don't need.
Not a bad weekend but anxiety kicking my but. Also wondering about Ms Littlefish. Some people move on. Anyways how is everyone doing?
I did a video review on Psychronic Games' Star Shift Origins, as they did a review on my game.
Check it out!
can someone show me how to play movies in RPG MAKER MZ?I don't know how to insert a movie
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