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  • regarding your post here

    How did you adjust the weapon offset. I'm using MZ and the 8 wave bundle with the stella character generator and have the same problem you listed. I can't find a way to offset the weapon animation.
    You'll need to post this in the Plugin Support section here. With the character limit there's no way a query like that could be answered in profile posts.
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I was just too curious, so I tried to solve the problem by roughly writing the specifications of the RPG Maker style system (like a programming language).

I can able to see that ChatGPT-3 understands the problem well and proposes a solution according to the specifications I defined.

Adobe Premiere just crashed so hard it broke my GPU drivers sending me on a DDU quest. Why does this company with it's awful software subscription model and bloated software still dominate the industry? :rolleyes: Can we collectively agree to not support this company any more?
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struture-wise, my game operates more like a beat 'em up than an rpg. so each area of the city you run around in counts as a stage when you first get there. A silhouette of the boss/bosses will be in these stage intro pics, along with the stage name.
I still do this kinda stuff and I think this came out really, really well. Solo violin really helps this piece shine.
Currently at beginner level, checking tutorials on YT and Skillshare

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