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    Unable to activate VX Ace Lite

    I own MV as well, which is much better than VX ACE. However, because I was never able to finish any project I make, I think having a program with a lot of restrictions that Lite has would actually allow me to finish a small game.
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    Paper Mario Limited Inventory

    If you don't want key items to count towards the limit, I'm guessing you want two item categories. Regular - which would have a limit. And key items - which would not have a limit. That is a smart way to do it, in my opinion. Having required key items fill up the limited slots is rather annoying.
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    Unable to activate VX Ace Lite

    So, I'm interested in creating a small game in a limited software. And for that reason, I decided to try giving VX Ace Lite a go. Unfortunatly, since I already own the full version of VX Ace Lite, Steam isn't really letting me get the Lite version... So, I decided to get the non-steam version...
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    FREE Looking For Testers - Bleeding Sun

    I'd be interested in testing your project. How long is the game?
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    The previous windows makers were 95, 98, 2000 and 2003. So XP for Windows XP is fairly obvious...

    The previous windows makers were 95, 98, 2000 and 2003. So XP for Windows XP is fairly obvious. VX is most likely "Vista and XP" VX Ace would be an imporved VX. MV? I don't know. Master Version, perhaps?
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    Should I move from VA to MV?

    I still disagree. It's much easier to add files to the project, and then easily change their parameters from within MV itself, rather than changing the code and possibly screwing something up. And I feel like it's also more beginner friendly to simply ask users to download the file into a...
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    Improved Packing of Deployed Project?

    Seconding this question. I believe I've tried Enigma in the past. But it could cause problems due to inavility to read files, from what I understand...
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    XP Remastered Music

    I am considering getring the Rpg Maker XP Remastered music pack. But I would like to know - are the quality of these tracks good? Do they loope like they should? Somebody in another thread seems to have had trouble, but I didn't want to necro post there... And also, is there any chance this...
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    Town name ideas

    You can try using Fantasy Name Generator. It has been a great help to me in the past.
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    Friendship bracelets equipment

    I'm tossing around some ideas for an rpg, and one of my ideas is to have an equipment called "Friendship Bracelet". There would be 2 of them in the game, and the way they would work is: if a specific pair of actors is both wearing these bracelets (e.g.: either Alice and Bob, or Linda and Sally...
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    Can I use the resources of RM in a profile picture?

    All right. I'm going to use a completly different avatar creation software instead.
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    Can I use the resources of RM in a profile picture?

    I see. Any alternate solution you could recommend? Is Game Character Hub good? Edit: I just love MV's face style, but maybe I'll just go with a free online avatar maker...
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    Can I use the resources of RM in a profile picture?

    I appologise if this is the wrong forum section to ask this, I just wasn't sure. I have a face graphic that I've created with MV's Character Generator, and I would like to use it as a profile pic on YouTube and some other websites too. Do I have the right to do so? I know RM resources can only...
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    RPG Maker MV Community Character Submissions

    I've had similar situations with using assets for my own projects in the past, as well. And from my experience, you really can't use assets if you can't credit. If you don't remember who made those, you've got to find those resources again, or just not use them.

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