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    C# Web Shop Transfer Gold to MMORPG Characters

    Hey guys, how have you all been? I have uploaded my project using various plugins from developers. Our team has created an mmo game and we have combined with MVC C# programme to create webshop that when you buy coins from the web shop , the coins can be transferred to the game in real time. The...
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    Thanks ! I will update it with these points ! XD
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    Dear Everyone, I have created a documentation on the basics of using RPG MAKER MV engine so that it will be easier to understand and learn faster. Do let me know how you find the documentation so i can improve it for the rest to read and learn! Link:
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    How to make android rpg maker game fullscreen landscape?

    I do not know the resolution but i tried using yanfly or other plugins to make it full screen. It can be full screen on windows laptop but not on apk android phone. So unable to change the resolution even with plugins on android phone. As attached the file. Which makes me wonder whether the...
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    Fullscreen Toggle Option (Add Fullscreen to your Options Menu)

    Will this plugin allow full screen landscape mode for mobile apk android?
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    How to make android rpg maker game fullscreen landscape?

    Hi when i create android apk file from rpg maker mv game, it produces a small portrait half screen mode for me and not like what was advertised as full screen landscape for the game. Anyone got plugins or can help to make the game full screen landscape for android apk file?
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    How to upload big file RPG MAKER MV GAME TO GOOGLE PLAY STORE

    Hi, I would like to upload my game as a mobile game to google android play store. However Google Android Playstore only allows maximum 50 mb file therefore how do we upload a rpg maker mv game especially when the file is 200-400mb big? Any websites to recommend to convert to apk file too...
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    RMMV Miranda in Singapore

    Hey Everyone! Singapore's National Day is coming soon! I made a game on Singapore using RPG MAKER MV. I hope you guys can try out my game and explore the places I made using the tilesets to make some landmarks in Singapore! It is a quiz turn based monster game. Quite fun. Ads free. Do try it...
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    RMMV Amerak Rpg: The Food Magician

    Section A : Synopsis You are a magician who is engrossed with Food Magic ! One day, you stumble upon a magic kingdom that beseeches your help to defeat the Evil One. If you love food, health and nutrition, why not answer the Hero's calling and save the kingdom? Defeat monsters by answering...

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