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  • Some people have too strong of an opinion about what maker is the best, I've seen discussions like:
    - I prefer VXAce because I like the style of the RTP better than the older releases
    - You're worse than Hitler
    How dare you - yer worse than Hitler.
    What if the opinion is that each RTP style fits certain types of games better? :unsure:
    lol - we know when we've reached an impasse when Hitler is brought into the discussion :D

    People have strong opinions about which maker THEY like the best and why, which is okay, but it doesn't mean it's the best for anyone else. So there shouldn't be any arguments about it. Some things I disliked about VX and Ace where things other people loved for the exact same reasons.
    Guys, have you checked the last Google's doodle? It's an RPG-like game, and it looks a bit like RPG maker 2k!! :asad:
    YES i just played it! the visuals are really nice. Reminds me of playing hamtaro ham ham games on gba (I don't know if anyone knows of that game) it was too hard for me those because moving with your thumb on the smooth phone screen is annoying.
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    I think I found a bug in the marathon screen :/
    Even if I'm an XP man and always will be, recently I purchased MZ and I'm feeling like Columbus, I've discovered something millions already knew about. :aswt:

    (I know it's been almost a year, please don't call me Wecowpoke)

    My "spamming" of XP stuff won't cease, though. It has only started. :asad:
    This character from RMXP was genderfluid before the term genderfluid even existed. What a legend.
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Does the word "research" imply that you're searching for something that had been found before?
So Dad broke the blinds two days ago and he finally decided to try to fix them. I doubt he'll do very well without some help. And I can't help him myself--I don't know how the stink to fix those blinds. My knowledge is just plushies, mascots, computers, animation, and video game design. And also, I've had to stop family and friends from downloading viruses too many times to count.
Welcome to the Illuminaughty store.
Yes... they are "wearing Illuminati branded everything, reclining on huge Illuminati body pillows. Occasionally they'll "teehee" at each other and have pillow fights with Illuminati branded pillows full of hundred dollar bills."
Working on Escalia again, feels good. Have this overwhelming urge to map as well, but need to get some extra tiles commissioned first :D
Lee Sang wrote on Bandito's profile.
Hi, I've just tried your plugin "Game is Active" and when I tested it on Android, it gave me an error, something about "Cannot read property 'underfined' of underfined.

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