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  • [IMG width="547px" alt="fantasy-pixel-art-sprites-project-I-m-working-on-Soup-Quest-itty-bittys"][/IMG]
    My little guys for the project I'm doing.
    I've designed a title screen for my project. It's called "Soup Quest"! I'm thinking of making a custom cursor that looks like a spoon, if that's possible anyways :]
    [IMG width="590px" height="450.408px"][/IMG]
    Hello world !! I've created a logo design for my game, I'm calling it "Soup Quest" (It was honestly the best I could come up with <:]) !!
    P.S. ty to the person who told me about the "purple text not mixing well with dark mode". I'll be careful on using colored text in the future !!
    your image link is wrong.
    @Shaz Yeah, after coming back after a bit I've unfortunately noticed. I'm still getting used to working around forum-based sites. Could you tell me how I would be able to link it correctly?
    I tried to change it to lower case but it didn't work. Drag the image to your desktop, then edit the status post, and drag the image into the typing area. That's how I usually do it.
    Hello !!! My name is Weekdays (or Weekend, whichever flows better tbh)!! I've always been a huge fan of RPG Maker games, but recently I've decided to start developing one! I'll post updates and such on here, I'm not used to using a forums-based space so be patient with me yaya !! :]
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Woke up in the middle of the night with some game mechanic ideas. Unfortunately, they're for a new game, not the one I'm currently working on. Must... not... get... distracted!
I'm wondering about making a new pack of monsters or just divide them and add to my current packs. I'll end up having like 10+ packs If I just have 27 per pack xD
cesariohelp wrote on Ms Littlefish's profile.
Hi ! I see that you're a mod, right ? Can I ask you a question here ? If not, where ? So sorry
I just whipped up the blueprints for the final level in my game. (I say final, when really there is a final boss stage after this, but it's only like two maps long)
The good thing about making a scarecrow is, I can just use a T-pose on it and call it an animation. :kaojoy:

Wait... it is starting to move on its own?:kaoswt2:

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