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    Exporting for iOS and Android

    Same problem. Anyone can help?
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    Terrax Lighting system

    Thank you Aesica for your answer :)
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    Terrax Lighting system

    But that would still require me to type the command everytime. I'm looking for a script line like "light on from1to10"....
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    Terrax Lighting system

    Hello, quick thing: I have many lights in a single map and would like to turn them on all at once. Instead of entering light on 1 light on 2 light on 3.... Is there a command I could use for the whole range of events? That would help tremendously.... Secondly, is there a limit to the total...
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    ReStaff RPG Maker 28th Birthday Edition!

    Happy birthday, Rpgmaker! It's good to see Alex having fun with so many "new", younger friends =) And thanks for the gift!
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    RMMV Dungeon Dreams

    Congratulations, well played! =) Yes, twitter's perfect. If you want/like, I'd love to read some feedback about what you enjoyed (or didn't) in the game. You can send me a PM anywhere or email
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    RMMV Coffee Crawl (Roguelike)

    Yes, that's me =) Aw, too bad, I really wanted to try it. I'll keep an eye on the next updates, then. Thank you!
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    RMMV Coffee Crawl (Roguelike)

    Looks awesome! Can't wait to try it, can you export a Mac OSX version as well? :)
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    RMMV Dungeon Dreams

    Thanks for playing! It's nice to meet more Azure Dreams fans! The password is there because, for now, that's how the demo ends. =) I'd like to add the map for the Dungeon, but I'm not able to do it unless I find a plugin that fits. How was your final score? Do you want to submit it to try and...
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    RMMV Dungeon Dreams

    Thank you so much for the honest feedback! It means a lot, and I'm so glad that you're having fun in Ecallia! I'd really like to make it so that you can create the MC or simply switch gender in the beginning (fun fact: I already have the female version ready, because there's a special item...
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    RMMV Dungeon Dreams

    We have a demo out, in case anyone's interested. Any feedback is appreciated!
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    RMMV Dungeon Dreams

    Ahah! Characters interact with each other, so: it's possible to date multiple girls, but you have to be smart. For example, if you ask a girl out in front of another one, and you're romantically involved in both of them, the second one will get mad. Girls get jealous and argue with each other...
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    RMMV Dungeon Dreams

    Article about Dungeon Dreams: Demo out soon! =)
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    RMMV Swords and Gods Prologue Edition

    Nice game! Claire looks real good =)
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    RMMV Dungeon Dreams

    Hello, in case anyone's interested, I've uploaded a new video, the second one about minigames:

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