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  • Retro pudding: turn back time for a single turn (i.e. undo the last turn).

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    I think it’s the Family Mart!

    A rare item to roll back an entire turn is on my bucket list, but it’s a challenge to capture the exact state of a turn to roll back to…
    No family mart near me :kaocry:
    I'll have to make an adventure just to find some ice cream.
    Maybe try creating a random dungeon (errr… convenience store) generator game and call it something like

    Chocobo’s secret convenience

    No wait that sounds wrong.
    So this RPGmaker stuff has me going on a shopping spree for DLC music. Lots of gems out there and it's probably the most cost-efficient investment out of all the DLC.

    Was a very happy man until being reminded how limiting the iPhone is in converting music to ringtones... how can Apple get away with being so cumbersome with these simple things? And why do I keep buying iPhones?
    Gosh, not again. Since installing the VisuMZ_4_UniqueTileEffects.js plugin, these errors keep popping up on maps that were COMPLETELY FINE before. It's infuriating really because it won't be fixed with the "Copy Page" trick at all. I mean if this was truly the cause, it wouldn't make sense that most other maps using the exact same tileset are unaffected...

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    Thanks! Yes, it's a frustrating issue... and I still don't know how the reference to tile "-1" got there in the first place. I mean, having to check all the json files in search of a "-1" before doing a test deployment to the web is not something I want to include in my routine. I also don't understand why the SpecialTile plugin makes such a fuss about this.
    Might be a bit late, but it seems they addressed it! :kaoslp:
    Having 4 layers at your disposal really adds to the freedom of map making, but it's kind of a double-edged sword. Today I wanted to add a layer BELOW my existing map, so I decided to move existing layers one higher each, merging were needed, to free up a layer at the "bottom". It was looking nicely until playtesting... My character was unable to move on the map. Like, stuck. Argh...
    Which is why I usually use A1, A2, A4 and A5 for the majority of my custom tile work. A single autotile can produce up to 4 custom tiles, when you use right click copy with shift click to paste. Then you can go back and paint areas that should be inaccessible to the player.
    Well, the problem in my case is often the other way around. Tiles that should be walkable for players are impassable. It's happened to me already a number of times, and it goes away if I recreate the exact same map from scratch. The map in question had tweaked A1 and A2 tiles, by the way. For the A2 tiles, the blackness was replaced by transparency.

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If a game had a moral-choice system at the beginning 3 chapters where defeating an on-screen encounter grants a "-2" at the end of the level whereas evading it granted "+2" at the end of the chapter, and then each chapter also had a dialogue choice that'd give/take points depending on the answer the player gives, how many points would you expect to gain from the dialogue choices?

My next plugin will be:


What does this plugin allow?

Basically it allows you to create switches that work even though the game is closed.

Example of use:

You can make a system that you can only run a mini game once a day (or an event or whatever you want) and you have to wait 24 hours to play again.

I open thread here...
Brain: Hey! Let's draw something inspired by Tangela.
Result: Hartestant.png

Brain: What the hell man! That's it, I'm out!

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