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    sealing/adding equip to a class through event

    Is there a simple script call to add or seal a class's weapon/armor types through eventing? for example a character/class receives training, and can then use a new weapon type? I'd prefer to not have to change a characters class with each new weapon learned, and doing it all through states...
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    "COATS" - A game of desperate research [+Demo]

    I sat down to play this to do some studying for my own project and suddenly it was 6 hours later!   Now I'm getting the "check back next update" messages and I simply cannot wait for the next build! Great job man, Amazing dialogue & compelling characters Can't wait to see whats next!!
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    Yanfly Battle Status

    Bumping with a thought. I was thinking of doing some kind of IF party==5 then draw orderX, then  If Party ==4 then Y and so on.... i guess my question is which part of the code derives the actors to draw??? scripting novice here sorry if this is an obvious thing to the pros! edit: or can just...
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    Yanfly Battle Status

    I'm curious how to go about changing the order the party members are displayed. I'm messing with a 5 party front view system using VE-ani/actor battles. since the system centers the party around a the 1st character a full group of actors is arranged   4,2,1,3,5 . how tough would it be to alter...
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    Enemies fight each other?

    I'd like to do a few encounters where two enemies(one a potential ally) arefighting against each other, and the players have to bring one down before the ally is killed,  Ive done a few variations that seem plausible. Mostly by replacing basic attack with an ally only damage attack but this...
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    I LIKE THIS SCRIPT! It has a staggeringly better frame rate then the default system for my game. Is there a simple way to disable the f5 as well? I'd like to lock my game in Fullscreen mode when the time comes.
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    Basic Game Time + Night/Day

    I changed the opacity to 0 and added    self.windowskin = Cache.system("Window2") and made a frameless windows skin, And it worked perfectly! Much thanks!!!!
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    Basic Game Time + Night/Day

    Im having a alot of fun with this script, I'd just like to size the clock down some, how could i make the font size of the clock about half its size? or use a transparent  window skin for the bg?

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