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    RPG Maker XP mining sprite

    Sorry I thought it maybe enough information, I have right clicked save as, I will try changing to PNG when saving and see if that helps me. Thanks for help Avery sorry if you found my posts frustrating
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    RPG Maker XP mining sprite

    Thanks @Avery but when I save it the quality is bad as its a JPEG
  3. whitespirits

    RPG Maker XP mining sprite

    I am looking for the rpg maker xp mining template sprite, its on google but only on Pinterest and the image is broken
  4. whitespirits

    Averys Ace-Stuff

    Hello I am looking for the multiple directions big monsters for vx ace does anyone have them still?
  5. whitespirits

    Large Sprites and parallax

    I am using CC_PMS_VXA_v4.1 for parallax, I have a ground layer and a top layer only I was just hoping there maybe someway to get sprites to not clip the upper layer if in front if i could define a region for the parallax to act differently or something of that kind?
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    Large Sprites and parallax

    I dont think that works with parallax mapping only standard?
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    Large Sprites and parallax

    Hi all, I have hunted everywhere for a fix or way around this, when I have tall sprites on the map they end up behind the top layer of parallax when in front of it, is there anything I can do to make this work properly? Example below.
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    Rpg Maker MZ built in MMO plugin?

    Hello so really exciting news about the new RMMZ and well I was wondering if you guys think a built in multiplayer MMO feature could be on the horizon?
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    2K3 Multiplayer?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if a coop or lan like system has been made for 2k3 that would sync events and maybe a chat?
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    Doodads's Editor- Embellish your maps with this editor compatible with RPG Maker XP, VX and ACE

    Its such a good tool but we never got the fix for copying values which would make it soo much better
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    Thex Furniture Selector and Changer

    Does anyone still have this ?
  12. whitespirits

    Tall Character Sprites & SV template

    it would be great to see some more sets maybe some of the rtp made
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    Doodads's Editor- Embellish your maps with this editor compatible with RPG Maker XP, VX and ACE

    I have grid problems, its not showing as 32x32 but rather longer grids like 32x92 or something
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    Tonbi's material factory

    Is there any generator for these sprites, If we could use them in rpg maker generator it would be awesome!
  15. whitespirits

    EST - Build And Decor EX

    Can anyone make ad demo for the supportchangetileid? I have no idea on it :P

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