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    Your Next Adventure Awaits: RPG Maker MZ Trailer #1

    If only they were based in Ireland, it could be "Or-pee-gee" Maker.
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    Instant Turn Battle

    I put together a little patch for compatibility between ITB with YEP_BattleAICore. All it does it revert a performance tweak that Yanfly made to the Battle AI Core. If you can accept the decrease in performance, it's a temporary fix. Download it here: I...
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    need help with making a certain skill/state

    In addition to the above wisdom, I don't believe battler is valid in this scope. Try replacing it with user or target. Here's an option to think about, although it may complicate your database. Put your bonus into the parameters of a new state (M.Attack * 200%). In the state that you're...
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    Instant Turn Battle

    Here's another quick bug report. If a battler is inflicted with a state with the restriction "Attack an enemy," they won't take any action. Everything else continues as normal. Here's a quick demo with only the necessary plug-ins. I gave Harold a skill that will inflict Rage on himself...
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    Instant Turn Battle

    I've run into the same bug as the previous poster. A conflict with YEP_BattleAICore will cause enemies to attack infinitely. Here's a demo with just the essential plugins involved in this bug. Hope it helps debug the issue.
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    [release]Battle AI Core TGR extension

    Thanks for the plugin, ramza. I didn't realize I needed this, but now it seems really useful! @kovak You may want to read the "How To Set Traits" section of the MV manual. You can create a state that raises TGR (Target Rate), and have a skill that inflicts that state in battle. Hit F1 when...
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    DreamX Options

    Thanks for the plugin, DreamX. Very useful, like all your work! I can confirm GameFire's report that using this plugin with YEP_CoreEngine and YEP_KeyboardConfig will prevent the project from loading at all. Just tried it with a new blank project and only those 3 plugins. If you move...
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    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Using plugins: YEP_CoreEngine YEP_ItemCore YEP_X_AttachAugments Using a regular healing item from the menu will crash the game with this error: SyntaxError: Unexpected token u     at Object.parse (native)     at Function.JsonEx.parse (rpg_core.js:7740:30)     at...
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    [For a commercial game] VX Ace style transition into battle scene

    Try this script by McSundae ->
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    JP Levels

    I threw together a couple of quick and dirty snippets to allow you to learn skills automatically when your job level increases (like Final Fantasy V). Freely available, no license restrictions. But I make no promises about support/usability/performance. Requires YEP_JobPoints and FoxJPLevels...
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    iOS export requires a Mac

    ​No. See Archeia's post. ​ Try not to conflate exporting to Mac with exporting to iOS, or this thread will become baffling.
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    What kind of plugins/scripts are you looking forward to?

    1. I'd love to see alternative battle systems. I'm partial to a CTB like Final Fantasy X. A system like Paper Mario with timed button presses would also be engaging. 2. I love the subtle power that these scripts provide: Passive States. Class System. Message System (ability to skip through...
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    Resolution and Black Borders

    You could do 16:9 in Ace. Just use Yanfly's core script to increase the horizontal resolution and decrease the vertical. 640X360 resolution nicely scales to 720p and 1080p when you go fullscreen. You'll have to tweak some scenes, because some of them have content cut-off when you decrease the...
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    Limits of this engine?

    I guess that is a limitation of the engine, but it seems like you could easily work around it. Don't use big 4MB music files like the demo uses. Choose shorter, smaller files instead. or Compress your sound files using an external program until you get a smaller file size. or Write a...

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