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    Preferred screen resolution?

    Thank you for the correction! I'll most likely take the 1280x720 resolution then
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    Preferred screen resolution?

    I have my game planned out and I'm starting to make it happen on RPG Maker MV, but there's still one question that is bugging me: what screen resolution would be preferable to make the game in? I thought HD 720 would be tolerable, but now I'm worried that it'd affect the way I do the sprites...
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    Key product isn't working...

    Thank you both for helping me, I finally got it to work! Thank you for explaining the differences between the type of key products too, @Andar. Like @ShadowDragon said, we learn more everyday and that's definitely good to know. The problem wasn't if I mispelled the key product or where I bought...
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    Key product isn't working...

    First of all, thank you so much for the really quick reply, I really appreciate that. (I didn't even expect it to be honest-) Second of all, I found where to activate the TLS stuff and the other versions were indeed disabled by default...but there was no TLS 2.0: only TLS 1.0 (Default), TLS 1.1...
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    Key product isn't working...

    (Hello! I'm new, so if there's already a solution to this, or if I'm in the wrong place, please tell me!) In January, I started the free trial of RPG Maker MV and I completed the 20 days of it. It's only today that I bought the full version, from the website (Not from RPG Maker's expired...

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