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  1. Free trial expired after 2 days.

    Welp if even in the newest pokemon games you can change date and time to do the exact thing in wild areas and nobody gives a dam what about that?: And for all salty ppl they actualy aded a mod in Reborn that actualy alows you to change to any wether and time you want without changing the PC time...
  2. Free trial expired after 2 days.

    If you would even care i used it for Pokemon Reborn.The weather in there changes at random every 8 or 12 hours or so and the weather usualy is random.Certain pokemon events happen in certain wether (Rain,Windy and so on) and instead of weiting days or potential weeks for the right weather and...
  3. Free trial expired after 2 days.

    I was using the XP version.
  4. Free trial expired after 2 days.

    What exactly did i cheat?All i did is set my local time and date forward to acces certain events in the game at certain hours.I didn't think that after reverting to my local time the free trial would "expire?" thats some 2010 stuff...
  5. Free trial expired after 2 days.

    I was using rpg maker for the game,modefy ingame files add-ing items and so on.
  6. Free trial expired after 2 days.

    Soo long storry short,im playing a Pokemon Fan game and in order to do or catch sertain mons i needed to change the date to get the apropriate weather in the world.Did that a few times back and forth and today when i started the rpg maker it said i changed the date in order to trick the free...

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