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    RMMZ Types of arguments in MZ for plugins

    That awkward moment when your knowledge of Japanese is actually useful in your career... Thank you very much!
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    [Suggestion] "Eraser" button on the MZ toolbar

    Description of the Feature: Add "Eraser" button to the toolbar to erase tile content on a layer as "not-passable" tile If a layer is selected (not auto), only erase that layer. If a layer is "auto", erase all layers. (optional) Second eraser button is for "passable" tile variant, same as above...
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    Where you drew inspiration from in order to create your games?

    I try to be curious about everything and keep an open mind. If something looks curious, I write it down. I also try to ponder why exactly I found something fun, or interesting, or scary. This monster was very scary. But why was it scary? Was its origin scary? Appearance? how it was presented...
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    ImageManager: Load vs Reserve vs Request

    Thanks for the late post. I did kind of figure it out some time after posting. TLDR: It has to do with cache and how your computer needs to clear its memory to be able to serve your game better. RPG Maker MV has a way to load and store sprites and templates to run the game faster. If you plan...
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    Conversation between npcs

    Galv has a plugin (here Give it a look. There is also another plugin I can't remember off the top of my head that allows for non-autorun messages at the top of the screen.
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    Where you drew inspiration from in order to create your games?

    Simple answer is "Everywhere". Mostly from wondering "What If".
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    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    Hiya. Sorry for Necro, but wanted to say two things. - Thank again for all your hard work! - Is there a sprite for a "Gray Wolf" walker?... asking for a friend >_>
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    Tips and Tricks Tutorial Ver. Discussion

    Great idea! A simper way might be to replace the the colored "DEV TEST" icons file with a blank/transparent file before publishing in the file system. Do name the file starting with "_" or "z" to place them on top or on the bottom of the file list to find easily and signify an important or test...
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    Simple QoL idea when using a Face Set Template

    Thank you for putting this idea forth. I have spent many-a-hour debating on how to make these work well without the extra overhead and make a plugin for it... I still have not reached that point, but this gives ideas. My one question is (a bit offtopic) - why have you picked "those specific...
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    What about removing long-lasting status effects ("You are no longer poisoned") or giving long-term buffs like "You feel lighter - Agility/Dodge +1" or "That's a load off your mind - +1 to magic/int/mana"
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    Localization - Translate your projects into several languages

    Have not used the plugin yet, but it looks like the thing I needed. Either way, thank you for all your hard work. I will most likely be back with either questions or more praise. ;)
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    Parallax Mapping Tutorial & Plugin

    Sorry for the necropost, but the video is no longer available. =(
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    Automatically pretty JSON files for clean git commit diffs using git hooks

    I'm glad to know I am not the only one who is annoyed with beautifying JSON and some JS files too with RPG maker MV games. I would, however, like to play the devil's advocate this one time and mention that the read time might be impacted if the file is not minified, as in case of the default...
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    "Mirror Portraits" in Coversation plugin (WW|Converse)

    @JohnOminae Got the files updated. Give it a spin and let me know if this works, or you need any other command hooked up to "automatic YEP size control", so to speak. I worked out a handle to bypass my overrides. Was in for a loop because the "\auto" command is not in YEP MessageCore... its in...
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    "Mirror Portraits" in Coversation plugin (WW|Converse)

    @JohnOminae quick note. Did not forget about you. Got slammed with a big project at work and currently brainless. Will get to fixing over the weekends. Sorry for the delay. :(

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