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    DiceRoller plugin 1.0 (for MV, might work for MZ too)

    Hello everyone! I've dipped here and there at times to check on plugins and sometimes to ask questions but I felt I needed to at least contribute a little as well. Hence, while my scripting / coding has been rusty due to being out of practice, it also gave me an opportunity to dive right back...
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    ICF-Soft Params Core

    Hmm... tried with "this.vit" but no change. To give you an idea, the base HP progression goes from 15 and gains 3 per level and MP is 10 and gains 2 per level through the database. So at Level 1, they'd have 15 HP and 10 MP. After changing the eval to have "this.vit * 2" and "this.str" for HP...
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    ICF-Soft Params Core

    So I have the MainUtility and ParamsCore plugin installed and am trying to modify the MHP and MMP calculation. I have modified the default parameters to be STR, VIT, FOC, WIL, AGI and LUK. Currently, the default eval is for HP and MP is "(Base + Plus) * Rate * XRate * Buff + Flat + XFlat"...
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    RPG Maker MV 3D Labyrinth Tool Idea

    I'm also interested in seeing this happen. Having more creative options for creating projects is always welcome dungeon delving support might be quite fun to work with if it's designed as a core element through DLC.
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    Equipment Attributes

    Thanks, confirming that it works on my end
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    Equipment Attributes

    Well, new issue I've come across (after disabling other plugins to make sure), leaving only ICFSoft_MainUtility and ICFSoft_ParamsCore : all items no longer functions. Healing items no longer heal, spell books type items do not teach the associated "Learn Skill" and such. I'm thinking the...
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    Equipment Attributes

    I just tested again; it's actually YEP's Charge Time Battle System that's causing the conflict (the main engine core seems to work fine); after checking the scripts, I noticed that the BattleManager.processTurn() function (which is the one that "LastSubjectActor" redefines) isn't used in YEP's...
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    Equipment Attributes

    Yes, it's working wonderfully and I can now have separate character stats and equipment only stats. I've run in only one problem however : I am using the "LastSubjectActor" plugin to get the last acting actor character in battle to run a few common events since my project uses a passive...
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    Equipment Attributes

    So my request is a rather simple one : much like in RPG Maker XP where you had 4 attributes for the characters and 3 for equipment, I'd like to have equipment attributes like "Attack Power", Magic Power", "Defense" and "Magic Defense" as separate attributes from the actor's own. The goal being...

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