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    Something I tend to do with Fire magic is to make it volatile. Basically have a higher variance then other elements I feel it fits...
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    Willibab replied to the thread Advice you don't agree with?.
    Answers depends on the question being asked. If you ask for general advice then you will get it. And a general concern is standing out...

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Power to the Game Make!
ok by this weekend I WILL finally need alpha testers for Backstage: murdered sleep because it's got enough content at this point I want to get it on Steam Early Access ASAP (2/22/2022 would be a cool release date if I can make it).

By all means volunteer here, sure, but where else should I be looking?
Randomly trying to make some butcher shop tiles for MZ :3
Current menu of Shadows of the Earth: The Vrila'an Legend. Currently taking a break from combat related mechanics. Hope i get the actor busts done before the day ends :)
Was in need for a black van, so I made one by editing that one truck in the tileset. :kaoswt2:

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