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  1. Question regarding battle animations

    Ah, I see. Thank you for your help.
  2. Question regarding battle animations

    Hello, I'm back with yet another question. This time, it's about mechanics during a battle sequence. So, I've made an animation for my character where it's supposed to display while the Item menu is selected. Admittedly, I didn't check how it would behave first, and I didn't get the result I...
  3. [SOLVED] Problem with status effects

    I didn't actually realize it was this simple and easy, I was losing my mind over it earlier. All it took was readjusting the bars and making sure they fell within the 10 range beneath the actual status effects. Thank you!
  4. [SOLVED] Problem with status effects

    Hello, thanks for taking the time to check out my issue. I'm working on a "unique" battle mechanic for my project in RPGMAKER 2k3. It's something reminiscent to a "limit" bar from FF7, where it fills up and you can do certain attacks and obtain certain buffs for a certain small period of time...
  5. Help regarding walls and borders(?)

    i appreciate the help, it was exactly what i needed. thank you kindly!
  6. Help regarding walls and borders(?)

    UPDATE 2: doesn't work well. looking for the original method. upon using this process listed above, the tiles may look weird or abnormal.
  7. Help regarding walls and borders(?)

    UPDATE: solution found(?) by putting a black tile from the upper layer over the autotile, you can effectively "remove" it. to make this look neat, an extra tile may need to be made to correspond with the black tile, but this may just be an alternative to the real solution since it still has...
  8. Help regarding walls and borders(?)

    heya, i never expected to see myself posting on here when most of the questions i wanted to ask were already answered, but here i am regardless so, in a test project im working on, im trying to create a "border" effect along the walls, as shown in the screenshot below, courtesy of yume nikki...

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