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  • As a solo dev with a fairly large project, doing all the writing, art, eventing, whilst also learning how to code, and everything else sometimes really be feeling like... :kaoswt2:
    @JackyBranthe Oh no, still going strong! Just sometimes watching my friends get done with their projects faster whilst I'm here juggling stuff on my own makes me feel like a clown. I know I shouldn't compare since they have teams, but alas, brain does what it does xD

    @TheRamenGirl Aww, thank you! I suppose it is quite admirable :kaoblush:
    @Kanori24 Oh yeah! I use a bit of RTP and bought assets too since I'm trying to be an effective solo dev. Most I edit heavily tho, lol. So yeh, that's smart of ya! :D I'd comm people in the future too for stuff I can't do ( music, complex script, etc ), but probs no teams since I work well alone ^^;
    @Dungeonmind Aww, let's keep doing our best! We can get better at juggling! ^v^)/
    Been awhile since I posted here~
    Just posted April's Monthly Wrap-up of WingedHares' current project, Hearts & Spices, on Twitter! Check it out, if you'd like~ :kaopride::kaojoy::kaoluv:

    April's Monthly Wrap-up
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    Hollow 1977
    Looks good and nice art too. Can't wait to see more.
    Awww, thank you so much!! :kaocry::kaoluv: You can follow us here or on Twitter for daily work day updates, if you'd like! So you won't miss any :kaojoy:
    ... And now just waiting anxiously for my classified thread to be approved... or rejected x'D

    I'm wondering if you'll be informed when it's rejected or just left wondering and waiting for eternity... :'3

    Update: It got accepted, woo!! ^v^)/
    *confused screeeeeech* :kaodes:
    *ends up using rmmz* Hope that's okay? Orz
    I'm just confused since the tagging rule told us to use MZ, lol. But alright, thanks! :D
    By tags, does the rule mean to use prefix next to the Thread title? Sometimes wording doesn't have to be exact as long as the context makes sense

    Hmm, there was no prefix selection for the classified thread, if I remember right. So yeah, just for the tags at the bottom :'3

    Glad it doesn't need to be so strict :D
    Eyy, everyone~
    Long time no post! ^v^)/
    Been busy and asocial, whoops x'3

    Anyways, just got around to finishing up my logo design finally! Green one is the final ver :D

    Can you tell what my works are about from these logos? ;;D
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    ... Okay, is there a place where I can sell my ideas? I'm like an effing idea factory over here x'D

    Long story short... I'm now juggling 3 projects at the same time. Good thing two of them are fairly simple :'D

    Who else is juggling projects? Say aye OwO
    Currently writing a kinetic VN and it's really nice not to think about branches, player choices, and all that stuff. Just story and your characters. It feels really close and personal. I love it.

    Part of me wants to lean fully into that, but another part of me is too stubborn to let go of my other game dev dreams, even when it seems like too much work for a solo dev x'D

    Oh well, we'll see how it goes : D
    Pretty much stopped posting in the progress thread cuz it feels like talking to the void, lol, so I've just been posting on IG instead. But someone finally liked my post there, lol. Dunno if I'll continue tho. Probably not xD

    My game's progressing quite well. Just kinda stuck on mapping right now. Decided to go the side, slightly top down view route. I'm drawing everything from scratch for a personal touch uwu
    Lord, o lord, why am I such a painfully slow learner when it comes to code? x'DD
    Me: *search things for RMMZ*
    Everywhere: Do yOu mEaN RMMV?!

    *insert facepalm gif here lol*

    Lowkey regretting buying MZ, but eh, just gotta wait a few years 'till it catches up :'D

    Not saying I don't love MZ. I do ^w^)b
    Today's Progress!
    Saturday, May 29th 2021

    ReLIVE: Metanoia
    - Gathered and converted royalty free audio resources. Custom font failed to troubleshoot. May try another day ;w;

    - Figured out how to use VisuStella plugins.

    - Eventing Prologue in RMMZ.

    And other miscs!
    Just a rather painful day full of troubleshooting today :'D

    Eventing is fun tho! :D
    Kinda sad tomorrow's break day ;w;
    Today's Progress!
    Friday, May 28th 2021

    Relive: Metanoia
    - Redoing Vessel's sprites because they could be better, lol.

    - Tested out the sprites size in-game.

    - Compiled throne room refs for the making of tileset.

    And others~
    Dunno if I'll be making tiles tomorrow tho since I have some eventing to do before then xD
    Today's Progress!
    Thursday, May 27th 2021

    ReLIVE: Metanoia
    - Edited Crys', the vessel's original owner, backstory.

    - Wrote the World Quest of however many words, lol. I lost count. It's a lot, that's for sure.

    - Researched things royalty usually wear.

    - Finished up Crys' fullbody concept art.

    And that's it for today!
    I know I gotta focus on art right now, but I'm happier when I write too, so x'D
    Today's Progress!
    Tuesday, May 25TH 2021

    ReLIVE: Metanoia
    - Still suffering with The Vessel's character sprite--

    Burnt out, so slow day today. I keep nodding off in the middle of work, lol. But ey, slow progress is still progress. At least I managed to force myself to work a full day :'D

    Tomorrow's break day~
    Hope I can recuperate properly. I'm the worst at resting, apparently ;w;

    How was your day? : D
    Been doing this on Instagram where I post updates about my game to stay motivated, so~ might as well do it here too : D

    Today's progress!
    May 24th 2021

    ReLIVE: Metanoia
    - Concepted The Vessel / Original Owner's Fullbody

    - Suffering-- I mean, doing pixel art for The Vessel's character sprite ( Yes, decided to go for pixel art in the end, *sob* )

    Just a day of art and suffering :'3
    How about yours? : D
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