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    Mouse System

    Can you make it so we can drag and drop an event? If you could trigger an "on drag" common event then the user could return if the event was dragable. If you could trigger an "on drop" common event then the user (ie programmer) could determine if the map location was acceptable as a drop...
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    What can be done to make RMMZ to have overwhelming positive reviews?

    Nobody wants to read a neutral review. I usually just read the negative ones that have lots of likes.
  3. winkr7

    What can be done to make RMMZ to have overwhelming positive reviews?

    RMMV improved alot by update 1.5. After 2 or 3 updates RMMZ will look better since RMMV isn't getting any more updates. Part of switching to RMMZ will be that RMMV is update dead.
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    Galv's Map Travel MZ

    Dio Brando; Run a script with a line like this: Galv.MAPT.enableLocation(7,"Sea Foam Tunnel",false);
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    Events Glow - Allows highlighting events on mouse hover.

    Great. Can you do a plugin for dragging and dropping the map event with the mouse (or mobile finger)? You could call a common event on drag start and another one on drag end to let the user change things if they want?
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    Gabe MZ - Event Touch Interact

    Gabe; Nice plugin. If you are interested I would like to suggest you add drag and drop to the event manipulation. Sort of like telekinesis. This way I could drag apples from the tree and put them in a basket. You could trigger a common event on drag and another common event on drop (this...
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    RMMZ Map event drag and drop for MZ

    Hello; I hope someone can write a plugin that allows you to drag and drop an event on the map. The plugin should trigger an On Drag common event at the start (to see if the event can be dragged and do house keeping like changing the animation etc) and an On Drop common event (to reset the...
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    How can I drag and Drop events on the Map

    Hello; Suppose I want to gather apples from a tree and drop them in my basket, each apple is an event so is my basket all on a standard Map that has my tree. I want to grab an apple, drag it to my basket and drop it there. I want this to work on a PC with a mouse or mobile with my finger. I...
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    Galv's Map Travel MZ

    Galv; That is a good and simple suggestion. It isn't that much space anyway. Thanks yours winkr7
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    Galv's Map Travel MZ

    Galv; There is a scrolling problem if a site is placed too close to the left or south edge of the map. When the windows come up they cover the map so the sites you want to travel to are covered. You need to scroll the width of the left window and the height of the south window more when they...
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    Galv's Map Travel MZ

    Galv; This plugin works fine with the VisuStella tier 0 and tier 1 plugins (as far as I tested). It also saves in the general save without any problems. Excellent work. I am completely happy. If you are interested in suggestions I might offer this addition: If the user could drag and drop...
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    Galv's Map Travel MZ

    Galv; EDIT: Got it to work, never mind. I see we do the map transfer ourselves which is good. I am moving along with your great plugin. I set up a single place to go on the map. This should take me to mapID 2 location 4,6. But it takes me back to where I started. I put in MapID 1 (where...
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    Galv's Map Travel MZ

    Galv; Thanks for the quick response. Yes it has something to do with the wldOne.png file since it works with the Space.png file (from the MZ folder) just fine. I used Inkarnate to make the map, but this puts out a jpeg file which I then loaded and saved from windows paint as a png file. But...
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    Galv's Map Travel MZ

    So I made two events. One to set up the map and one to run it. I hit the setup event first, then I go to the run the event that goes to the map scene and get the error you see below. I don't want any locations yet, I just want the bare bones map to come up in its scene. Do I need to call...
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    Galv's Map Travel MZ

    This is great. I am going to log into inkarnate, make a map, load it into img/maptravel and test it out. Great work Galv! yours winkr7

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