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    RMMZ Visustella ItemEquipCore ; Wanting to change window boxes.

    If you only want to remove the window where additional information is shown (from the image, the one that says "Consumable", "Possession", etc), in the plugin parameters go to Item Menu Settings > General > Use Updated Layout and set it to false. Also you will need to set the following as false...
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    RPG Maker MZ 1.5.0 Patch Notes

    This kind of bugs could easily being fixed if they add an error log to the program, an error log that we as users could simply send to them. Like for example, if the editor for some reason shuts down itself, it should log an error report to a file. In the company that I work we had similar...
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    Error: Failed to initialize graphics. Editor animations tab not showing preview.

    That file is also in that folder. Don't worry, anything might be the issue, even the smallest thing, so any help is welcomed. :rwink:
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    Error: Failed to initialize graphics. Editor animations tab not showing preview.

    Yeah, I checked that folder, it has files in it. I tried creating a new project from scratch and the issue still happens. I don't see that there are any particular effekseer files from the effects folder that are missing. My main suspect is a recent chrome update, but even then, I don't...
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    Error: Failed to initialize graphics. Editor animations tab not showing preview.

    I get this weird error when trying to playtest any project, even vanilla projects. Also, the animations tab in the editor shows the preview as black image. You can hear it plays it, but neither the background or the example enemy shows in the editor. This doesn't happen in other tabs of the...
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    Setting up music to not cut

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean but...for boss battles, basically you have to change the battle music before the battle is triggered. Basically, in the event where you set the boss battle, before that you use the change battle music option, and afterwards you start the battle process. Just...
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    RMMZ Error when loading files

    You need the latest update of the Visustella plugins. Core Engine 1.57 and Events and Movement Core 1.35 have a fix to that issue. The issue was introduced because of update 1.44 of MZ
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    RMMZ Several issues with state icons displaying [battle and main menu]

    Well, first, Visustella doesn't really allow you to modify too much the alignment of the state icons in the Battlestatus window, the most you can do is change the placement with offset parameters that they have in the BattleCore plugin. Second, the code snippet that caethyril gave you does't...
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    Ultra Mode 7 [RMMV & RMMZ]

    Maybe so, but their plugins not only add functionality, they fix bugs that are already present in the base code...well, more like things they consider bugs or will eventually become bugs for them. Also, currently Visustella is working in adding lighting options, weather options and also some...
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    Ultra Mode 7 [RMMV & RMMZ]

    This is what Visustella told me back then They clarified even further after some other person complained that the incompatibility was with official plugins.
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    Ultra Mode 7 [RMMV & RMMZ]

    I know what Bblizzard said, but if you or him goes to Visustella and tell them that, they will say what I said. For them it's not an issue, their plugins work in tandem with each other, and whatever incompatibility it has with plugins not created by them, those are responsability of the creator...
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    Ultra Mode 7 [RMMV & RMMZ]

    Visustella won't fix it because for them is an issue with this plugin, not theirs, and most likely because that "issue" is a non issue because it is meant for something else they do down in the code...meaning some other plugin of theirs. Also, it is stablished in their rules that they don't do...
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    RPG Maker MZ 1.4.4 Patch Notes

    Maybe, but it's sort of standard when this happens in software development. In my day job, when a release has bugs that needs special patches and clients who hadn't migrated to that particular release ask about it, we usually give a similar response, either wait until patches are applied in next...
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    Ultra Mode 7 [RMMV & RMMZ]

    @bblizzard I might get a warning of sorts from the VizuMZ team in here or the mods for saying what I will say but anyway, if it can sort of beautify the code and deduce a few things here and there, plus you can kind of use RPG Maker MZ to sort of decode the parts you need, but you...
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    RPG Maker MZ 1.4.4 Patch Notes

    I would have to say that having 1.4.4 is not really a good idea, it's one of those updates that probably should be skipped for the moment, that issue might break projects or project advancements, specially for play testing and battle testing. I would suggest reverting to 1.4.3 and waiting...

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