I haven't updated this since 2016?! Wow...

Wintyr, 24, they/them, likes long walks on the beach and talking about RPG Maker.

I started noodling around with RPG Maker in elementary school when a friend introduced me to 2003. I picked it back up again in 2014 or so with VX Ace, then upgraded to MV when it came out. For now, I'm happy with MV. If there's a really good sale I might pick up MZ at some point.

My talents mostly include writing, but I'm decent at mapping and eventing. I can do basic stuff in Python and Java, and I've had my sights set on learning JS for the past five or six years, but still haven't gotten around to it. I consider myself a noodler. I've also honed my skills at remixing resources in the GIMP.

I enjoy doing this stuff with Ser, one of my partners-in-romantic-crimes, who is a super talented artist and overall designer-type person. <3

Right now, I'm working on:
- Lord Only Knows (Vaguely Yume Nikki-inspired puzzle-heavy weird game about memories and identities.) Progress: About to start version 0.3...
- The Leg End of Zoldo: Journey of the Master Cap (A LoZ parody game.) Progress: Ready to start town and dungeon 2 (rock theme). [Backburner'd]
- Cristal Crysis (It's Steven Universe, but set in vaguely feudal Japan, except not at all!) Progress: Re-re-recompiling assets to use. Still looking for good MV-quality sprites and portraits for the cast... I might complete this eventually. [Backburner'd]
- In the Wolves (You have to walk through the woods to get home, so try to escape the wolves that might be trying to eat you.) Progress: Character graphics overhauls, more puzzles, some map overhauls to go before version 1.7. [Backburner'd]
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Feeling a tad frustrated designing one map of my project... MC is supposed to grab a key from inside a kofun to escape a certain area. Unfortunately, kofuns are cramped, dark and claustrophobic: not exactly many places to run and hide in horror games. :ysad:
When ya accidentally delete a whole map and saved before you realized.

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