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  • Argh... just came back from double shift. Now I can support Tankentai again and my translation back in full force!
    Welp. I am well aware for the person translating for the Journey system. I feel sorry for the guy when I have the 100% translation posted...
    nio kasgami
    nio kasgami
    Elise-chan have already translate the journey system I don't know why you do a translation and your version should be obsolete now because we have updated the script
    nio kasgami
    nio kasgami
    + Elise-chan is the official translator of tankentai because she had the permission from Enu personnally to translate tankentai
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Looks a bit.....kid friendly. Then again, I suppose that does with with a lot of retro themes... Crap, already spotted a flaw xD
What a stupid week so far! I was really short on sleep yesterday thanks to my back hurting and not falling asleep fast enough, now today I am 2 hours late for work because my damn alarm clock changed from the alarm setting, to the radio setting which I always keep muted.
I introduced "booby trap" as another indirect way to fight supernatural threats in the game.
But, some of my players are using it to blow up random citizens on the street.
Not sure how "creative" they can go with it. :kaojoy:
Oh, boy. I'm now having dreams about Unity.

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