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  1. How cringy was the dialogue in your old/first RPGs?

    The thing is everything is cringe for people like you. Omg!
  2. How cringy was the dialogue in your old/first RPGs?

    Please, stop this "cringy" nonsense. What a hell is going on with this generation?
  3. How to make BGS stop when the battle ends?

    Well, yeah I have other members, however I made that just one actor enters the battle. Probably I'm gonna try switch between actors with an event, I don't know. After a lot of tries, I've found a way. The way I did it was using the default state from MV (Immortal) in the beggining of battle...
  4. Gender Plugin PG_Gender.js

    oh it worked perfectly. Thank you for it!
  5. Gender Plugin PG_Gender.js

    Hi. Great plugin. However I have an issue. How can I read an ememy's gender? (using something like $gameParty.allMembers()[INDEX].gender, but for enemies instead).
  6. How to make BGS stop when the battle ends?

    I've made a common event and then called it inside a troop page.
  7. How to make BGS stop when the battle ends?

    Here it is the event. And I'm using the HIME_EndPhaseTriggers
  8. How to make BGS stop when the battle ends?

    So, basically I created an event where everytine my hp is below 25% but above 0 it plays a bgs. It stops when I heal the character, but not when he dies. I tried all the solutions I found here (fadeout bgs, blank bgs, even a plugin that checks for events before the battle ends), but nothing...
  9. RMMV How Would You Achieve This Battle View

    If u find out, please lemme know as well...
  10. [Solved] Redirect to a troop

    Well, could u give us a screenshot? It is easier then trying to guess what u have done wrong.
  11. JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Guys, so I want to make the "Attack" option in the Battle Menu to open that window where I can choose the ability instead of just attacking. I've looked at the Windows Js file but I couldn't make it work. Can I just do that without using plugin?
  12. More character frames plugins

    Have you completed It?
  13. Damage formula

    Sorry. What I mean is "An ability that add a state to the enemy if it hits the actor
  14. Damage formula

    Yeah! Like the ability Static, from Pokemon.
  15. Damage formula

    Hi. I'm trying to make a state that is added to the target if it hits the user. Is there a way to make it in the damage formula?

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