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    The Most Important Question: Vanilla Coke (The official be a little bit silly thread)

    It's very nice, but they almost don't sell it in Holland, You have to go to some smaller shops to get it. What do we want? More shops with vanilla coke! When do we want it? NOW!
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    Broke my nose yesterday, damn that hurts.

    Broke my nose yesterday, damn that hurts.
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    When will it be finished?

    When will it be finished?
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    Damn. First week of school has been done. But my game had to wait one week. Hard working this...

    Damn. First week of school has been done. But my game had to wait one week. Hard working this weekend.
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    United: Cell 3: The Quest For White

    Do you already have the full version? Otherwise I could help you out and make a part of the game. Although you may still post the game, I only want some little credit or something like that then. Because part 1 was awesome, and the idea of storytelling, looks kinda on the way I do. So I hope...
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    Project 0X

    Is the project stuck or anything? After the PM I haven't heard anything about it.
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    SolarGale's Workshop

    Thanks man! That's great! Too bad the project has been paused because of some problems. I will set your name big in the credits. And maybe even make a SolarGale's shop/house thing in the most important map.(If that's okay with you) I'm working on something else right now, as soon as I have a...
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    Just quited complete sidestory. 5 hours work, and it didn't work out the way I wanted. :(

    Just quited complete sidestory. 5 hours work, and it didn't work out the way I wanted. :(
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    What's the best album you've ever listened to before?

    Well, all the albums of the RHCP One day, I was sitting in the car of a friend of me, and there was an MP3 player of his sister. We turned it on, and listened to the song, then, we came at a awesome song. It was Snow (Hey oh), since then we listened it a year long everytime we were in that...
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    Project 0X

    Sounds like an interesting project.I could help you with the mapping. But then I can only start as half the tileset is done. I will hear it from you. (Flemish is vlaams als ik het niet fout heb, dus ik zou ook nog in het nederlands kunnen praten) (For everyone who's curious what's standing...
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    Favorite Video Game Series

    -Pokémon (not black&white, that crapy bullsit) -Fifa -Assasin's Creed
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    SolarGale's Workshop

    Well. okay then. (: Title: Red City Color: Red Subtitle: At Least No Destruction Subcolor: Black/Gray Style: is that possible? Vector: Don't know XD Something Info: Well, it's part of a serie, So, something like RPG I because it are also MC...
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    Ultimate Perfection - 100+ Downloads Already

    Looks like it's gonna be a nice game! I could help with two things: -Dialogue writing: Maybe my best part of making games, since I have almost no coding knowledge. -Interiour Mapper: I also like to make maps and stuff, so Interiour could fit well. But that wil only work good with good Tile...
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    Your Favourite Video Game Villain~

    The other guy in the pokemon series. I mostly remember the one from Silver, because it was my first Pokémon game. He also had my name, because the game was actually from my brother. So I had to be the bad guy :( Good old memories.
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    SolarGale's Workshop

    Your work is fantastic! Too bad my game isn't finished yet, and I haven't ten posts. But just wanted to say that you are awesome! :D

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