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    Martial Arts Based Resources (MV)

    Thanks to Karmenis I have been able to make my needed gi sprites! Yeah!!!!! Now, i'm only short on my side battler sprites which I've opened a new entry for. I'm not sure if we should close this one, or just link it to the new one... or...
  2. WolfKingAka

    Side Battler Martial Arts Gi Request (MV)

    Resource Type: Side view battlers Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP - I'm open to variation if needed Description: So I'm in need of 8 variations of a martial arts gi with a belt as a side view battler in rpg maker mv. I've included an image of the gi's im needing, but to be specific, i'll...
  3. WolfKingAka

    Martial Arts Based Resources (MV)

    So I made a gi image and a message to show him off, but now I can no longer delete the message, only alter it, and it gives me errors at every turn when trying to add the image. I'm quite confused.
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    It is I! Wolf King Aka!

    It is I! Wolf King Aka!
  5. WolfKingAka

    Martial Arts Based Resources (MV)

    @mlogan, if you do, you shall be promoted to the legendary super mod.
  6. WolfKingAka

    Martial Arts Based Resources (MV)

    Unfortunantly not. Ive been working with fes most recently, so I've not been waiting on it, but realizing how much of a pain things are on the 3ds vs the pc, i am working my way back to mv
  7. WolfKingAka

    Martial Arts Based Resources (MV)

    @Hope, no chance you've crafted said sprite long ago and forgot to upload? :D
  8. WolfKingAka

    RPG Maker MV Community Character Submissions

    This sounds awesome!!!! Just copied and pasted your questions with my answers :D Name would preferably be Wolf King Aka or Aka if such a thing would be allowed. 3. A "Default Line" for what you say when the Student talks to you when they aren't in a lesson. “Heya! Rpg Maker? Yeah I’ve...
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    Custom sprites to sv battlers?

    We created a sprite outside of rpg maker for the mascot of our gaming page. Anywho, He is created, but in the game, we are using a side view battle setup. Does anyone know if there is an easier way of making his numerous sv battle animations in an easier manner than going through and doing each...
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    Martial Arts Based Resources (MV)

    *Bump* (If not allowed, not sure how else to resurface an old post.)
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    Martial Arts Based Resources (MV)

    The excitement is real! I know you said you are just putting this up to show you started on it, but just to make sure since the top seems done but a bit odd, the current set up mirrors which side the sleeve is on. Left leg step, left arm open, right leg step, right leg open. (Again, just double...
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    Martial Arts Based Resources (MV)

    As far as I'm aware, the gi's are the same. The only exception I know of is the dobok. Although commonly used for tkd, I believe it was traditionally made for women as to help hold the breast vs the easy to open gi.
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    Martial Arts Based Resources (MV)

    @Azmor , Thank ya! That certainly gets me started.
  14. WolfKingAka

    Martial Arts Based Resources (MV)

    @mlogan , Ahh, gotcha. Sorry, I was misunderstanding the double posting to be in reference to a replica thread entry. @Hope , I appreciate it ^_^ I just got uber excited when I saw you start it ^_^
  15. WolfKingAka

    Martial Arts Based Resources (MV)

    I don't mean to rush, but are you still working on this project?

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