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    Help please? I'm trying to export my game into an apk
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    First Peek - Medieval Plague Bringers

    just picked up mine... and as always, AWESOME job...
  3. wolfpak692

    really need to quit being lazy and actually finish a game... excuses, excuses, but it comes down...

    really need to quit being lazy and actually finish a game... excuses, excuses, but it comes down to just needing to get it done...
  4. wolfpak692

    First Peek - Medieval Plague Bringers

    just release it already... lol...
  5. wolfpak692

    Some Day....

    @Reapergurl I own an Ibanez Micro Bass...  Currently just trying to find some balance in my life.. things are slowing down, so now I will be able to budget more time to the things that I love and want to do and the things I need to do...
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    MV crashes on startup (Steam/Mac)

    I had this issue on a PC for a couple weeks, but it was awhile ago...  It finally just started working on its own...  Maybe check the steam forums for this...
  7. wolfpak692

    Some Day....

    Some day I will actually finish a game... I have one almost ready, but due to trying to get a couple businesses, including a blog launched, I don't have alot of time... not having time is something I know has been talked about alot on here...   Someday I will also pick my Bass, dust it and...
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    Making RPG Maker AutoTiles in Pyxel Edit

    thanks for the tut... i purchased the same thing, only i bought the whole thing... 
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    Can you make sprites for RPG Maker 2003 in Game Character Hub?

    After checking GCH and GCH Portfolio Edition, I couldn't find where you can create sprites for 2003.  Not sure if maybe you could use the Create New Template feature to do this or not.  Maybe someone else has a better answer for you.
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    RPG Maker Tileset Builder (Current Release: March 25, 2015)

    This may have already been asked, but Ace to MV also at some point?
  11. wolfpak692

    A Guide to Yami's 'Battle Symphony'

    the images are gone... i have been waiting on an update tut for this, but so far no luck...
  12. wolfpak692

    SRD Character Creator

    wow, i was just wishing i could use something like this in my game... TY TY TY TY... just wondering: will this work with any of the generator peices or just those you posted?
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    Unable to have 2 Magic Users

    thank you for the feedback... it was my first project and i got a little over excited and way over ambitious with it... will go back and simplify it... i think it is in the events that i used, just wasn't sure which one or which CB was causing the issue...  i am still new to this and still...
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    New MV sci-fi fantasy tileset

    more fantasy is what I voted... but i will love anything you make and purchase it no matter what it is...
  15. wolfpak692

    Unable to have 2 Magic Users

    First: no scripts, all eventing.  No error messages when trying to add the 4th member.  Everything else works perfectly when adding other party members.  The 4th member is not showing up in the menu. I do have a 4 member party.  I think the issue is in the events for adding the members since I...

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