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  1. Having a "repeat" in a skill higher than 1

    That's one way to balance the damage, multiple hits but lower damage per hit. You can also maintain the damage per hit but lower the accuracy. There are other ways to balance things like in that game link I gave you such as multiple hits only occurring if the enemy is afflicted with a debuff...
  2. Having a "repeat" in a skill higher than 1

    @A_Higher_Plane Why don't you try looking at the skills in Etrian Odyssey Nexus? (made by Atlus of Persona and Shin Megami Tensei fame) Try looking for the phrase "multiple instances" as that game has several different ways it implements the mechanics of repeating hit skills. It's considered a...
  3. RPG Maker online course?

    @ATT_Turan If you're an American I just hope you're not referring to state laws from Georgia. :stickytongue: Top 10 Craziest Copyright Claims Ever Made
  4. RPG Maker online course?

    @A_Higher_Plane I was taking copyright laws to their logical extreme to show their absurdity. It's just a thought experiment. @Andar I didn't quote anybody because I was referring to his opening post where he wanted to know the feasibility of him offering a paid online RPG Maker course where...
  5. RPG Maker online course?

    I was talking about the implications. If he learns something, anything, in that paid online course, is he legally required to first ask permission from his mentor if he decides to share tidbits from that lesson to the public for free? If the above were the case, does this requirement apply to...
  6. RPG Maker online course?

    Do these coding copyright laws apply to paid lessons only? What about the free lessons you get by reading these threads? If these laws apply to free lessons as well does that mean if you, in turn, want to help another guy with coding issues you need to cite whoever, wherever or whatever first...
  7. RMMV Skillcore custom requirement

    Well, did it work now? If still no we'll work at it. :wink: Javascript is case sensitive so wrong capitalizations (as well as spaces) will screw over otherwise perfectly fine code. Edit: @Giator, I think you should close this thread or the other open thread as they're discussing the same issue...
  8. Preferance Poll - Curious.

    If it weren't for the weird background pitch these are pretty cool! Some are less noticeable than others. I actually didn't notice the pitch for the first guy until @ATT_Turan pointed it out. You can arrange it such that the player isn't completely focused on the A.I. speech so like me he'll...
  9. RMMV Skillcore custom requirement

    @Giator It doesn't work because I copied your notetags and pasted over the code you typed in your first post: <Custom requirement> if ($ ()> 1000) { value = true; } else { value = false; } </ Custom requirement> <Custom requirement> should have been <Custom Requirement> </...
  10. RMMV [SOLVED]Applying a state based on TP

    If you must use passive conditions @magfeenix here is the code. Just put this inside your TP State's notetag.
  11. RMMV [SOLVED]Applying a state based on TP

    Passive states by themselves don't cause lag. Passive states with <Passive Condition: Stat Above x> and <Custom Passive Condition> condition that track stats do. Or maybe my computer is just ancient. Well yeah, this isn't the point of this thread. But we're both helping to solve the OP's...
  12. player and event are facing the same direction condicional branch

    Hi @DarielZer0 . You can try this. Put inside the conditional branch as a script call (Page 4):
  13. RMMV [SOLVED]Applying a state based on TP

    Well, yeah, you're right, he only asked for one. But he did mention he already figured out how to apply the state so I only supplied the code snippet for when to remove them. I just added the adding part because why not? I have to agree with you it's a bit roundabout. Using a state to apply...
  14. RMMV [SOLVED]Applying a state based on TP

    With that code you can add multiple non-passive states depending on TP levels instead of having to add <Custom Passive Condition> notetags on every single one of them. Sure, with Yanfly's Auto Passive States there are built-in conditions that determine when a passive state becomes active...
  15. RMMV [SOLVED]Applying a state based on TP

    Hi @magfeenix. I assume you can already apply the state at 100 TP so we'll only tackle the removal when TP reaches 0. Can you try the following and see if they work? Place the following notetags in your "Actor Passives" state. EDIT: Added case for adding and removing at TP max and min.

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