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  1. RMMZ WASD Controller for Movement

    i just download VisuStella Sample Project Free Plugins. I hope its work. Thank you.
  2. RMMZ WASD Controller for Movement

    Hello RM Members! I wanna make a casual open world JRPG for PC with MZ RTP. Today, i think its better to get friendly controller plugin like WASD. Anyone know the plugin for MZ? Thank you. About the game: World of MZ - Under Development
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Maybe I should get rid of the Banish ability in my game. It's a non-elemental spell that doesn't even appear in the magic chart. It's only there because my Elementalist doesn't use light or dark magic. It only effects summoned creatures.
I've been redoing all of the major areas in my game. starting with a place called Century Park. thankfully because all of the locations are distorted memories, I can make these places pretty abstract.
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