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  • TDW Custom Gauge Colors
    • Allows you to customize the color of HP, MP, TP, or Time (for Time Progress Battle System) gauges, instead of grabbing it from your Window Skin colors.
  • TDW Preemptive Surprise
    • Allows you to force a preemptive, surprise, or normal battle. Also allows you to run a Common Event when a preemptive or surprise battle starts.
  • TDW Conditional Map Encounters
    • Set Troop Encounters and Encounter Steps on a map to be conditional based on Switches, Variables, or custom JS code.
  • TDW Experience Curve Customization
    • Define and set custom experience curves for individual classes, using JS Code instead of the default EXP Curve Generator!
  • TDW Item Use Confirmation
    • Adds a confirmation window when you try to use an item (in the Main Menu) that doesn't require selecting an actor.
  • TDW Cursor Blink Control
    • Allows control of the selection cursor's blinking.



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