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  1. Destiny Warriors: The Way of the Ninja

    Found some more Ninjalex Spoilered cause of Possible Spoilers and since this isn't a bug report and a personal opinion I wont spoiler it, the footsteps noise is a nice touch, but you have such a vast amount being used and some can be extra loud and some times annoying (Sand, Grass) but walking...
  2. Destiny Warriors: The Way of the Ninja

    Just downloaded the game earlier today and i'm on Chapter Three, Loving it so far, haven't found any bugs as of yet however i have found some spelling Errors. I remember one was "Adeventur!" and I remember Iv'e and the sorts  :)  But other than that I am truly enjoying this, even tho i can't...

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just spent FOREVER troubleshooting an issue with my keyboard... turns out the cord was just loose OTL
I count on someone one time, I let them promise something to me, and one week later it's complete silence as I'm completely let down. I hate everything.
Everytime I need to write dialogues I find myself writing new music pieces... what kind of trick is this?!
Me Being Dumb spending hrs trying to figure out Irenas Visual Novel busts I'm probably missing something stupid and obvious xDD

let the journey begin >w>
X.X ok... I guess I'll just have to think about 48x48 a little differently. Its not "room for more work"..."its room for more detail!...yay"

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