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  • How i wish there was a youtube video tutorial on how to make card battle games like yugioh or zenonzard.. ive been watching this project on twitter that has a great card battle on MV
    When I look at Final Fantasy 1 , Speedruns, Reviews. GameFAQs Guides, and Sprites Sheets. I can see just to how much extend I need. There's only a few maps to make, few items in the database. But when Battle Mechanics, and other eye candies quality of life to consider, it starts to become overwhelming.
    I really need some help, someone to help me improve TMCard. I need a card album plugin for the deck edit. This is getting frustrating when you can't script. It's been two years since i started on this project.
    Please use the forum to ask for help.
    been using ChatGPT to write a new story. I told it to :
    generate a word like gundam for a false prophet super AI

    it answered :
    "NOVUS" as an acronym for "New Omnipotent Virtual Unit for Synthetics"? sounds similar to "gnosis," which is a term associated with knowledge and spiritual enlightenment, fitting the theme of a false prophet.
    Things to do.. SRPG Gear MV, DCB MV, TM MMO VX , TM SRPG VX.. i want to update TM MMO VX.. i need the cards equip screen and the ally pet battler.
    I need to recover the character sprite sheets collection
    I want to continue on my ragnarok card battle.. but i need help on making the card equip restrictions which the plugin does not have..
    Collecting Battler Sprites for SRPG RTP Style - requires SV Battler, Walking Map Sprite, FaceSet
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New character incoming!

Compilation of some of the last few days onto my testing map.
Finished all the tools! Really happy with how they turned out. For clarification, when using the portal tool, if you spawn into a wall, it kills ya.
I've figured out how to implement abilities into Snapdrake. My fav is prolly Hell or High Water, considering its essentially "go big or go home" the ability.

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