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  1. RMMV Any plugin or way to randomize BGMs or have a music playlist?

    i dont think there's a conditional branch for when the song ends. since bgm are designed for loops. so you will need a plugin. the auto run event is just to play a random song when entering a map.
  2. RMMV Any plugin or way to randomize BGMs or have a music playlist?

    just use event autro run -> random variable -> play BGM -> erase event
  3. RMMV Array Shuffle

    is this shorter method? this is for deck of cards. im making a game dealing cards, players get 4 cards on their hand.
  4. RMMV Array Shuffle

    it's still the same i tried \v[4] \v[5], on that line, and they output the same.. its like the shuffle is only done once.. EDIT: I swapped with another version of fisher yates.. this once works var i = arr.length, j, temp; while(--i > 0){ j = Math.floor(Math.random()*(i+1)); temp =...
  5. RMMV Array Shuffle

    I'm testing the fisher yates shuffle on this online editor var t0 = [0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0]; var t1 = [1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1]; var t2 = [2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2]; var t3 = [3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3]; var t4 = t0.concat(t1,t2,t3); console.log(t4); var pp = t4; // array cards for (var...
  6. Felskis AutoSave Plugin

    Is it possible to make the autosave with a plugin command? i need the autosave on map transfer and after and after rewarding the player from gacha system.
  7. RMMV Picture gallery?

    did you check the MV master demo? i think its still there moghunter
  8. RMMV Show Picture Based on Item ID

    still error
  9. Gacha Games System

    I could show the common events.. its just two plugins triacontane PictureCallCommon and tomoaky SimpleWindow. The rest is evented.. Moghunter PictureEffects for the float and shake.. Also NGT Shatter for the egg break.. It always starts with the layout.. after the layout is choosing the...
  10. Gacha Games System

    Thank you for your ideas.. i've finalized my gacha system.. 3 cards per pack.. 8 types of packs.. 2 packs have a guranteed rare card / stronger card.. I also have a card break/craft system in case getting duplicates/excess cards.. then turning them to desired cards..
  11. RMMV Show Picture Based on Item ID

    what i want to achieve is when a card drawn is from the array of legend cards.. a special flash screen or special sound or special picture occurs.. how do i reverse it? or should i just assign a new gameVar? i ran the code on the game console this what it shows
  12. RMMV Show Picture Based on Item ID

    I have another question.. im trying to check if an Id is in the array, so i found the .includes.. but i get type error here.. $gameVariables.value(105) is the mypool array... then $gameVariables.value(118) is the random element pulled from the array.
  13. RMMV Show Picture Based on Item ID

    Thanks for the help everyone.. the padZero was really cool.. the new Array().fill() does not work for MV. i cant populate the array any fast than manually entering.
  14. Gacha Games System

    I'm making a card game, and I'd like to hear ideas on Gacha systems.. Point 1 : Pull type - Singles or Batch 10 ? Existing Gacha systems have option pull x1 and pull x10.. Pity systems guranteed legend rare on 100th pull.. But these are for monetizing purposes.. Point 2 : independent rate for...
  15. RMMV Show Picture Based on Item ID

    question #2 : suppose i have 4 types of arrays.. I store mypool [1,2,3,4] to gameVar ID 90, then use mypool again with [5,6,7,8] store to gameVar ID 91, then my pool [9,10,11,12] to gameVar ID 92, and lastly mypool [13,14,15,16] to game var ID 93.. suppose i want a new mypool that is gameVar ID...

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