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  • On the small advertising video that's on steam for GCH: Portfolio edition, what is the music playing?
    With Robin Williams news, its the first time he didn't make me laugh
    As an insensitive jerk... I actually wondered if his note had a joke in it. I think mine would have if it had been me. I would've wracked my brain for a month trying to find the right joke to go out on.

    Still, I'll miss that guy, he was a fantastic comedian and wonderful actor. The world is worse for losing him.
    I still can't believe that he's really dead (and in that way). He was one of my favourite actors.
    He didn't leave a note. The whole situation is heartbreaking. You never know what a person is really dealing with.
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Goes looking for assets, ends up creating memes. I have priorities?
i'm working on finishing an old game in vx ace (the first game i tried to make in vx ace), and it's making me realize how many things i've come to take for granted in mv (like the additional BCDE tile layer and the plugin manager).
It's ma birfday! Gonna chill and work on my project, editing some icons for my compass rn. Later It's pizza and a movie, maybe Blazing Saddles...
I really hope Google stadia/Amazon luna become successful household "consoles" in the future only because I could see it being 1000x easier to get RPG Maker and other indie games on their platforms & if so I PRAY they have gate keepers to keep half baked indie games out of the mix so they don't end up like steam/itch.io with 1000s of incomplete RM projects that continue to give our community a bad stigma.

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