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    Param Curve Generation

    Hi everyone ;) I don't know what would be the right place to post a question like this! ;) I wanted to know I formula being the parameter curve "Generate curve..." window. This window is comprised of a: begin level (1) and end level (99) values and then a growth type with 21 settings!! I wanted...
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    Orange Mapshot

    I wanted to ask for a feature... would it be possible to save the map into 2 different png files seperated by layers... the under layer and the over layer?! ;)  everything that is under the hero will be on one PNG and the other PNG would contain the layer that is placed above the player!! Is it...
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    MRP MapExporter - export your full-size maps 1:1 as PNG files

    Hi there, that's a awesome plugin... I wanted to ask for something though ;) I don't know if you are accepting requests... but... here it goes. Is it possible to save 2 png instead of 1?! 1 png would contain the layer below character and the other the layer above character ;) this would...
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    Map to PNG (underneath layer + over layer)

    Hi everyone, I don't know if this is a request because I don't know if there is a script for this, but here it goes, creating a parallax max is sometimes needed and a lot of games use it more and more often.... one thing I noticed though is that it is a real pain to separate the layer below...
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    Regex for trimming?!

    I think i got it:   /<STATIC\s+(\w+)(?:( [\w ]*\w))?\s*(?::\s*([^<]?))?\s*>(?:([^]*?)<\/STATIC \1\2>)?/i Don't know if it is optimal though :) By the way @Iavra I posted in the topic: "discussion on how to 'properly' code in RM MV" give it a look and tell me your personal opinion! :)
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    Regex for trimming?!

    The actual string is: <STATIC MUST OPTIONAL1 : OPTIONAL2> all kind of character inside here!! </STATIC MUST OPTIONAL1> Static is a static known word. Must is a required word (only 1 word). Optional1 is a alpha numerical multiword (optional) group. Optional2 is a alpha numerical...
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    discussion on how to 'properly' code in RM MV

    I like this style ;)  how do you do dependencies checking? do you throw error? another question I wanted to ask is regarding plugin parameters how do you do it? I mean the variables are they local, with function access for the public ones?  and how about registering your plugin? I see a lot...
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    discussion on how to 'properly' code in RM MV

    Cound't we enchance the performance of the base RMMV engine by changing the for each to for loops?! and those things? how can they didn't do it already.. it isn't that much hard to read.. I'm thinking of a way load note tags... right now I use the this method: PLUGIN 1: loadNoteTags() { for...
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    [XDE] xDGameStudios Engine - AchvPack1 v1.0 (EXTENSION)

    XDE_X_AchvPack1 +v1.0 xDGameStudios Introduction  This plugin adds new achievements to the XDE_AchievementSys plugin. Features All the help is provided in the help section of the plug in. Here is a copy of that section:   Screenshots (Doesn't apply, is an extension!) How...
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    [XDE] xDGameStudios Engine - AchievementSys v1.2 (UPDATE NEW!!)

    I'm afraid I can't do that.. :(  it's not how the plugin works and I would have to rewrite it from scratch to add that , sorry
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    [XDE] xDGameStudios Engine - AchievementSys v1.2 (UPDATE NEW!!)

    Sorry for my late response somehow I don't receive any notification of your questions --' well hope you all get how to make it work... I thought it would be easy to understand sorry if it isn't xP About the 25 achievement limit... I released this plugin as a demo... I intended to make a game of...
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    Regex for trimming?!

    I know but i need to do it inside regex expression because I then need to use '\1' inside regex to match it to last referenced!
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    Regex for trimming?!

    I am trying to create a regexp for this: word many words here word i want to extract the 'many words here' with out the beginning and end spaces. i use /word\s*([\w ]+)\s*word/i If the sentence is 'word she got       word' the match will have all the extra spaces :/ can't it be...
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    Iconset with XBox Controller icons?!?

    Do you remember if it was on the first pages or last ?! I'm looking and found nothing yet! xD
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    Iconset with XBox Controller icons?!?

    Hi everyone I would like to know if anyone of you ever seen a iconset for RPG Maker containing the XBOX or Playstation contorller icons... or a like! Thank you so much,

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