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  1. RMVXA Geiken

    Hello :-) Just started playing your game today, and man I'm amazed at the reality you put in the game like dears run away when you get near them and birds fly away awesome :-o and i like the feel of game specially the fog weather and music is good soothing music, one of the best thing no...
  2. Eternal Twilight

    Sorry to say @Fernyfer775 it still same like before :-( Seems like I'll not be able to play this game :-( tho the game seems good by the screenshots
  3. Eternal Twilight

    Thanks :-) I'll test this and report back to you hopefully it will work :-D
  4. Eternal Twilight

    @Fernyfer775 okay than Sir if you can do that I'm ready to test :-) Thanks :-)
  5. RMVXA Somber Elegy; Broken Dreams

    The game seems awesome :-o Great work developer will download when available (watching thread) and play soon and will give my review :) Btw, what do you mean here "Note: It is impossible to complete all of the side quests and explore every inch of the game in the 30 days and with the stamina...
  6. Eternal Twilight

    Nope It's Intel Core2Duo with integrated 82945G gpu, i know potato XD But almost all games which i have tried works great with no lag no matter if it's mv/ace
  7. Eternal Twilight

    Yes i have played many mv/vx ace games none lags on my potato PC , sorry i haven't tested the new version until now I'll soon and report back :) Edit---- just tested 1.0.5 no change same lag.
  8. Eternal Twilight

    Hello, i have a problem this game lags for me real bad i turned on show FPS using F2 key and it showed 2FPS/sec and it lags so badly that I'm unable to get past the select difficulty screen Any help? Edit--- i just saw developer released a new version let me try that first I will come back if...
  9. RMMV Journey to the East v.3.01 (New Version Released!)

    Okay:-/ I hope it is compatible, anyway I'll let you know if any crashes or bugs Thank you for your game :)
  10. RMMV Journey to the East v.3.01 (New Version Released!)

    Hello @Nakoruru I want to ask whether the saves from old version (1.03) compatible with this new version i don't want to start over again.. Thanks :)
  11. RPG_MV 1.6.1 "Blank White Screen After Launching It"

    Oh :-) I understand now :-D Btw, my integrated GPU is outdated the latest driver which i found on intel site was last updated on 2008 XD Anyway, now MV works that's great now i can buy my activation key :-) Thanks for your help and sorry for being a noob I'm particularly new to this :-P
  12. RPG_MV 1.6.1 "Blank White Screen After Launching It"

    Good news my problem is fixed here's the fix which i used Now rpg mv works fine :) Updating my driver didn't helped
  13. Shattered Hourglass - Over 40 hours of gameplay

    Hello @sawworm i liked your game :-) just started tho :-P, btw is there any walkthrough for this?
  14. RPG_MV 1.6.1 "Blank White Screen After Launching It"

    Oka thanks for help :-) Btw, my pc has integrated GPU i.e., Intel 82945G -_- Does it affect anything? Or MV has some minimum requirements :-/ Both vx and ace works just fine.
  15. RPG_MV 1.6.1 "Blank White Screen After Launching It"

    Hello everyone i have a problem with latest mv (1.6.1) when i open the mv maker it opens but it justs a blank white screen This never happened with me on VX ace and VX, i am trying MV for the first time. Here's the log it explains the problem i guess maybe someone will be able to help I have...

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