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    RPG Maker MZ Preview #1: Music, Battles, Animations!

    Nice. Then we may still have a workaround to implement those animation sheets. Even if we had to corp and make them individual pictures.
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    Spriter Pro on RPG Maker Web!

    does the product includes all the plugin required to use in RPGMaker MV?
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    RPG Creator Released!

    I'm tempted but getting an ipad/iphone for this is a bit too much. LOL. Anyway, can this use scripts and can you sell the game?
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    [Question] How to add post-game content?

    What's your endgame content?
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    Class change when equip weapon type.

    Basically, to change to any class the class needs to be able to equip any weapon. Example: Let's say a warrior can change to a mage or archer. The class warrior must have the weapon type staff (mage) and bow (archer) and sword (warrior). Whenever the player equips a weapon type staff (short...
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    Class change when equip weapon type.

    Thanks. I was just going to request this.
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    Orange Time System

    I'm trying to make an event run when the computer/real time hits 10am daily. How should I set this?
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    *Updated* Android/iOS - Converting your project with Intel XDK / Uploading to Google Play Store

    The demo was terrible at first. LOL Text message was loading slowly but became fast afterwards. Side view battle was horrible. The graphics were cut off. I guess we developers need to optimize the gameplay and resources for the devices at the first stage of development. By the way, i'm using...
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    Good Vs Evil: Multi-Mega Contest!

    I'd like to join team evil... But i don't have any skills. Maybe i could be a troll.... Jk. I won't be joining but good luck and have fun for both team.
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    What kind of plugins/scripts are you looking forward to?

    Plugins i'd like: 1. Yanfly Ace common event shop. With different costs and not showing and cost if it is 0 cost. In Ace I had to ask for a script to remove the 0 cost. 2. Skill restrictions ex plugin that limits the times a skill can be used in battle. Also a way to reload/reset the number of...
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    ComiPo! DLC: Work & Training Wear

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    What job classes would you want in a game?? Make it into the game!!

    Golem Knight. High DEF, High HP, High ATK, able to cover allies but slow and can not heal by potion or magic. Sword user. Constructor Mage. A mage that use guns. The only unit able to 'repair' the golem knight and alter its parameter in battle. Quick. Less MP and use low tier magic.
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    the kitchen wall is higher than the bedroom wall.

    the kitchen wall is higher than the bedroom wall.
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    And a lot of things to go missing.

    And a lot of things to go missing.

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