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    Player cannot move during paralleled common event

    OK i think I figured it out The reason why this wasn't working was that I was directly calling the common event instead of ONLY using the control switch alone testing this, I had 2 different setups. One with just the common event call, another with the common event call AND the control...
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    Player cannot move during paralleled common event

    So what I'm trying to do is a "Quest book updated" pop-up notification that slides up, shows up for a few seconds and slides and fades out. I can get this to work as a regular map event with parallel on just fine ( and this would be okay except if I leave the map the image gets perma-stuck )...
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    RMMV Phantasmata

    It's out on Steam as early-access at the moment, please check it out! ( you'll find gameplay video and some media there, for character bios and lore visit PHMT Toyhouse ) You take the role of Alice - a single-parent daughter who loves...

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