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    Back Somewhat~

    Well, guess it has come to this guys. xD I am back out of sheer boredom  and a want to make a horror based puzzle game. Those who know me feel free to hti me up, those who don't feel free to get to know me! :D
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    [Free] Eventer Looking For Work

    Sorry guys! Haven't been on in weeks so I'm going to try and get up to date with everything I missed. @Bastok Send me a message and I'll see what I can do if you're still looking.
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    The Resource WIP Thread

    Just a recolor for making a Drow ~ changed the skin to a dark grey color =3 and a sprite to match! need opinions~
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    How did you get your username?

    Because i felt guy who loves aliens was a bit strange xD But seriously it just sounded neat.
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    Serenity Oceans

    I like the idea of being able to beat the game by courting someone other than through combat :D nice twist on a rpg imo
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    [Free] Eventer Looking For Work

    No not really, and i dont specialize in a specific maker either as i can event with any maker from 2k to VxAce, and the only thing i dislike doing is cutscenes.
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    [Free] Eventer Looking For Work

    Also everyone please note I have burned my hand a bit bad and it will take me a bit longer to do eventing
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    [Free] Eventer Looking For Work

    So as the title says I am an eventer looking to use my skils for doing work on anyone's project who wants me to. I can do most things with eventing, up to creating a level system for weapons/armor, an option enhancement system along with a skill growth system. Now I am not a master by any means...
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    Celianna's Tileset

    Um Tile A3 is missing from the spoiler o. o just thought you should know
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    The Grumpy Knight (and the crisis in Helena's Kingdom)

    I really wish i could play this . ___ . It looks awesome, i really liek the graphics (mainly battlers)  and the maps looks fantastic e3e curse my horrible internet!
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    What are you working on?

    Working on a small project for project and its going well :D but i need opinions and I dont have enough for a early project dev thread >_> but its absed in the desert (at first) and employs a lot of neat features :3
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    The Resource WIP Thread

    @RyanA By all means please do :3 I need al lthe help I can get, also keep in mind im using FruityLoops :D
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    The Resource WIP Thread

    @Ryan ... @_@ mind explaining to me in a pm? sort of new at this and dont know too much These are just some statues I added blood too, might make a bunch of horror based edits for people wanted some gore in their games :3
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    Games that made you cry.

    End of Halo 4 when Cortana gets to finally touch Master Chief Q_Q End of FF7: Crisis Core when Zack dies and gives Cloud the Buster Sword. And the end of FF10 when Yuna desperatly whistles for Tidus to come back! DX
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    The Resource WIP Thread

    Just a short sci-fi sounding loop i made, nothing much and i cant think of what to add to it

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