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    What's the WORST advice you can give as a game developer?

    Be sure to do every single aspect of the game yourself, you don't need any help creating your dream project. Cram in every single genre imaginable as to attract as many players as possible. Make every single scene as convoluted as possible with some deep and philosophical meaning behind...
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    If I could.....(a wish list for games remake)

    Name: The Legend of Zelda (NES) Release date: 1986-1987 Reason: This mainly comes from two remakes another one of Nintendo's franchises received; those being Nintendo's remake of the original Metroid, and the fanmade remake of Metroid 2. I feel like they really improved the overall...
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    Making custom music

    Alright, thanks for the help, guys. Is there anything else I should know about, whether it be about these software or just about music in general? I know that learning music theory can pretty much help out a lot with this.
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    Making custom music

    So I'm trying to make my first game on MV and one of the things I would like to add to it is custom music so I don't have to rely on the tracks that are already in the program, but I don't really know any software that can help me make that. Would be very nice if anyone can recommend to me a...

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Aaaaand I completely forgot about the RMMV Chicken Rave my brother decided to implement in a parody of my VERY FIRST UNFINISHED project. We could not escape the chicken rave... The chickens would block the ladder...
I love how I can look up a problem I'm having with my game, find a post from like six years ago that addresses the issue, and the solution provided still works in RPG Maker.
It's times like those that my life feels really easy XD
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