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    How to export/import tilesets?

    You have to put the images in your folder where the project is stored. Should be put in the folder labeled tilesets in the img folder in your project. However they have to be the right size, and certain tiles should be blank. Also, Do not make them A tilesets unless they are set up to be...
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    Turning sprites from 3-frame to 6 or 8 frame

    Thank you @Zealraid ! I know a few people who will appreciate this. ^.^
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    Favorite "Breath of Fire" & Why?

    I just loved the battle system and the ant farm the most. The story was a little meh tho.
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    Favorite "Breath of Fire" & Why?

    I think I'm the only one that enjoyed dragon quarter it seems. I really loved it. :/
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    Relationship Standards and Intelligence

    See for me, I had a good friend with Aspergers and he was high functioning. But his views on relationships were quite different. He was poly amorous. He had two different partners at the time, one for sexual needs and one for emotional needs, in which he claimed one person could not fulfill...
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    Turning sprites from 3-frame to 6 or 8 frame

    Nope, not yet im afraid
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    An old new maker has joined!

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    Unblurring Graphics

    Try make the screen sizes divisible by 32 pixels I would think.
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    How do you "pick up the pieces" when getting burnt out on making a game?

    I like to go back and forth working on different things. Its a little unorganized sometimes but it keeps my interest. I work on story, then mapping, then maybe eventing or mechanics, and then maybe some pixel art, and I just switch around. I never force myself to work on something just because...
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    Altimit Pixel Movement [0.50β]

    Thanks! shortly aftr I posted this I was told about tileD. It has quite the learning curve but it does great with this mod!
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    Hi Everyone!

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    QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    Hello I am using Qmovement and have a huge issue with the game incorrectly registering the players coordinates. I have an event that tells me my coordinates but it seems to be offset by 1 tile. Is this because the coordinates when using Qmovement are registered to the lowest most left pixel on...
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    Altimit Pixel Movement [0.50β]

    Yeah collision maps are a life saver, especially when parallaxing maps. Also because I think plugins like these are best suited for projects that don't want to fall into the normal 48x48 tile/event size boundaries.
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    Quasi's Pixel Movement and player coords

    Well first off I made a mistake. Its Quasimovement, not Galvs. xD Ill change the title. Well I have an NPC in coords 10,6 on my debug map. I have variables set up for player's x and y, and also variables that change depending on which way player is facing. This might be redundant though, since...
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    Quasi's Pixel Movement and player coords

    Hello! For my game I need to constantly gather player coords and location but using quasi's pixel movement plugin seems to bug out where the player is by 1 tile in both directions or where the player is looking.

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