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  • I'm in love with your movement and animation plugins! Your movement plugin is so lightweight and amazing, it's a shame I could only find it while deep searching through google. I'm totally not stalking you, I swear lol; you have earned a lifelong supporter of your plugins. Let's get them to top search in google so more people can see them!
    Thanks for such a quick fix to the android export! If you'd ever be willing to chat about how to implement Admob I'd love to learn.

    I have a problem with your source Sir... When In this step"Select Open an existing Android Studio project.."
    I still do not understand. What is the solution ? I'm stuck in thare..
    Please Help me ...:hsad::hswt2: @[50818:mad:xilefian]
    Apple deprecating OpenGL in the future, might have to see a future version of the ANGLE library used in RPG Maker MV on the Mac!
    Cool, even less games on Mac.
    Devs should ditch it completely and focus on Windows and Lynux only.
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    Maybe Apple thinks video games hurts their brand.
    PLUGIN AUTHORS: Correct case sensitive file paths is VERY IMPORTANT! Plugins will break on some platforms if file path cases are incorrect!
    One project I'm curious about the utility for is a Ruby interpreter for MV. It's entirely possible, just not sure if it's worth it.
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bandicam 2023-10-03 21-54-15-591.png
Redrawing this month
Me: "Who the heck would play a game with no stakes, no enemies, and all you do is raise and breed bees?"
Later after playing it. - "Holy crap, I didn't know it was 1:30. Where'd my time go?"
The site is being slow and funky again. IS SOMEONE CRAFTING POEMS?!
So yeah, @TRIDIUM @TESTOSTERONE, I wuz like, "What do they mean by borderline and boundaries?"

And then, y'all know this girl?



The clothes? They're just a, um, quick edit. :kaoswt:
I've uploaded the opening cutscene from my game to my channel. It basically introduces us to the first three characters, and what their relationships are:
Cosmic Inferno: Opening dialogue

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