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    New Idea to construct new programming language for newbie (N+)

    While things you said may be true with the level experience and your knowledge in programming and I can't argue with you on that since I am not up to your level however I think you miss the point and I think our philosophy are different, it could be the influence from our working enviroments...
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    RGSS3 Scripting Tutorial Videos

    Is there a way to pull the actors from database without having to initialize?
  3. XinChao

    New Idea to construct new programming language for newbie (N+)

    Is my idea to create a low level language to replace C or some sort of mechanism to convert application format into digital signal?  Nope. I never mention that. Since you mention about binary/machine language I know what you talk about What you talk about, In term of networking this is actually...
  4. XinChao

    New Idea to construct new programming language for newbie (N+)

    Take Galenmereth for example I dont think he understand what I was talking about. I never say Java is easy to learn than Ruby. What I was trying point out is a programming language must be explicit written instead of reply on excessive syntax. Bad idea? Well, this part is not even my original...
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    New Idea to construct new programming language for newbie (N+)

    Can you clarify which part of my example is exact opposite? The idea is a programming language which to eliminate the terminology by replacing with everyday usage of English, and things that people can visualize. Bad? You saying it is opposite but did not point out or explain why, only a...
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    Method Flow 101 / Game FPS Timer

    I wonder why you use module inside a module? any benefit of doing that? 
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    New Idea to construct new programming language for newbie (N+)

    If everything you think is perfect  and there is no room for improvement perhaps, we all should use C or C++. No need another new language Ruby or Python. What Ruby and Python can do that Java and C++ cannot? Because each language design with goal in mind, to address some short coming of another...
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    New Idea to construct new programming language for newbie (N+)

    As you know I am a newbie in programming as I progress learning, I find many things do not make sense often cause confusion for me. So, here I will save all what cause confusions in the programming language that could have done better to avoid. I save this so someday If I am  capable of create a...
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    Looking for utilities does enemies and actors stat calculation.

    Excel sounds good. I should have thought about Excel.
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    RGSS3 Scripting Tutorial Videos

    For method contain one of two methods I have no problem to follow up. The script I am working on right now somewhat more than the scope of my understanding (this I considered  as learn the advance from practice). As you can see when you create the class it will initialize that class then It also...
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    RGSS3 Scripting Tutorial Videos

    Ok It's alot clearer for me now. One more thing, I still has not understood yet, is after all the calculations and and value passing where the standard output? Take example of your method int, the output is msg_box to out put the final value on screen. Where is the out of everything such as the...
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    RGSS3 Scripting Tutorial Videos

    I see a clearer picture now. The draw_item method that the draw_all_item loop use I dont quiet get it yet. There are more than 3 draw_item methods, one below the loop and one somewhere in Window_Selectable class, and another one define in custom class. Are there priority for each one that the...
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    RGSS3 Scripting Tutorial Videos

    Ok I think I am lost from here. I still can't catch the idea how methods and classes talk to each other.  def draw_item(index) actor = $game_actors[index+1] return if actor.nil? rect = item_rect(index) draw_item_background(index) draw_actor_face(actor, rect.x + 1, rect.y + 1)...
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    Ruby programming books

     I personally recommend DiamonPlatinum's tutorials. It goes straight to where you want to learn and within  RGSS scripting concept. All you need is some basic concept in programming such as Control Flow, Loops, Array then you can start practicing with your first script and at same time learn...
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    RGSS3 Scripting Tutorial Videos

    That is really nice trick. Simple and effective. It is weird that my custom scene only display max 3 actors instead of all actors in database. When It set actor = $game_actors[2] , it display 1st actor repeat 3 times. There must be a loop somewhere?

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