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  1. [Solved]I can't get Yanfly's Quest Journal System to work

    Ah, it was just that the name was different, the quest system works like a charm now. Thank you so much, I am not really that familiar with using plugins, but I will remember how important the naming of them are in the future. Thank you again!
  2. [Solved]I can't get Yanfly's Quest Journal System to work

    I am trying to set up a quest sytem in my game and I cannot seem to get it to work. I have the latest update to the quest journal system and my project is updated to the newest patch. (currently 1.6.1) My problem is that whenever I get into my game, and I open the menu, I am greeted with this...
  3. Yanfly Main Menu Manager, I can't see the catergories

    Hi, I'm pretty new to using plugins in my game (not really a programmer). I've tried to figure this out, but I couldn't find anyone else who've had this problem. The problem is that I cannot find my catergories using YEP_MainMenuManager 1.03 on a 1.5.0 project. This is all I see whenever I...

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