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    Merry Maker Christmas 2016!

    Thank you for the resources. Merry Christmas everyone. :)
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    JGreene's Art (RTP Edits & More)

    Awesome. Keep it up. :rhappy: :thumbsup-right:
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    Swords for now

    Good work. Keep it up. :)
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    RPG Maker User Survey

    Done. I tried to answer it as best as I could. Hope it helps.

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Hello Andar, i just saw you created a lot of helpful thread in the past regarding RPG, genre, game design, etc, etc.

Do you have full collection or list about every useful thread that you made in the past ? I think it would be very useful for me.

Thanks :)
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To be honest, I had no idea what this was until now haha. But it looks fun, so my main game is on hold for a month while I participate! :yhappy:
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